Friday 13 March 2020

A Touch of Red In Cornwall

Padstow Red Fishing Boats

I was flicking through some photos and the colour red caught my eye again and again. Not sure why but I've always liked the colour. Even at junior and senior schools (many years ago!) I played for the red team - and today we have a red front door. So in this post there are photos with a touch of red. 

RNLI at Perranporth, Cornwall

Red, of course, signifies danger or warnings as per the RNLI craft above and the buoyancy aids seen on some beaches in Cornwall. 

Padstow Beach, Cornwall

Footpath sign and safety aids at north Cornwall beach

Lots of signs get noticed by having a splash of red - as per the three below.

Elderly People Road Sign in Cornwall

Bude Rules & Regulations, Cornwall

Dog walking area, Cornwall

Next we have the UK's traditional phone and post boxes - coloured red so that they get noticed. 

The following photo was snapped at the Lost Gardens of Heligan and both are still operational.

Red Telephone and Post Boxes at the Lost Garsdens of Heligan

Some of the old style phone boxes have now been adapted for other uses. The one below, at Bodinnick, is a small village library... 

Traditional Red Telephone Box which is now a village library in Cornwall

… and this box houses a defibrillator.

Traditional Red Telephone Box now houses a defibrillator in Cornwall

The phone box at the small village of St.Clement is still functioning and can be used for sending emails and texting.

St Clement Church, Cornwall

A post box almost hidden at St.Mewan. 

Red post box at St. Mewan, Cornwall

Red Royal Mail vans below collect and deliver post and packages. 

Red Royal Mail vans

A fire rescue vehicle. 

Fire Rescue Vehicle

And finally, if you have some loose change, why not indulge in a red helicopter! I saw this one land in the gardens of the Fowey Hotel.

Small red helicopter at Fowey, Cornwall

Oh, I nearly forgot the Cornwall Air Ambulance has a touch of red - what a great job they do. Last year they were called out on 1144 missions.
Air ambulance helicopter


  1. I really enjoyed this set of images Mike, red is my favourite colour in a photograph. It gives such a zing to most pics. Good to see the old 'phone boxes being put to a new use too.

    1. Thanks David. I was a bit stuck for new photos as I hadn't been out and about so decided on the red theme. I like to see the old 'phone boxes put to good use. Would be a shame to lose them.

  2. I Know what you mean, I've taken far fewer photo's this year so far, compared to previous years. The weather has been the main reason but now of course we have "the virus" to contend with.
    I may do like you and go back through my older images for my blog.
    As a retired BT telephone engineer, I'm pleased to see the old red K6 telephone kiosk being retained for other uses, they are usually well maintained and painted. They brighten up a dull day! 😀

    1. The virus is a little worrying but I can't comprehend all of the stockpiling of food, toilet rolls etc. We went to our regular supermarket, ASDA, and great swathes of shelves were completely empty - even the vegetarian options.
      Hopefully the weather will brighten next week, as promised, and we'll be able to get out walking.



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