Tuesday 10 March 2020

The Menacuddle Holy Well, Chapel and the White River in Cornwall

Today photos are from the Holy Well and Chapel at Menacuddle near St.Austell, Cornwall. I have previously given details about Menacuddle on my post The Secretive Menacuddle Holy Well and Chapel, Cornwall. 

I visited the chapel again as I suspected that the river would be in full flow because of the recent heavy rain - which it was. The river was also very white from local china clay deposits. This gives the area a quite magical appearance.

The Holy Well is within the small 15th century chapel.

As the area is quite damp and sheltered in a dip it encourages moss to grow, which I feel makes Menacuddle special. As for the river, it was certainly in full flow in both directions.  

A final look at the area as I leave.

It's strange, but on my visits, I rarely see other people about. It's not on the popular Cornwall tourist trails.

To see more details on my previous post about Menacuddle please click here.


  1. Magical indeed! I remember well the other post about this place and it amazes me that the calm and peace of it hasn’t been disrupted by tourists seeking little known out of the way places! You have photographed it beautifully.

  2. Hello Ann, very few tourists here, fortunately! And the grounds at Menacuddle only have room for about three or four cars. I took one of our German visitors to the chapel and she filled a bottle with some of the water from the Holy Well to take back to Germany.



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