Friday 23 April 2021

Shades of Colour While Walking In South Cornwall

Sometimes an April day will suddenly bring showers, rain to grow the flowers - and so it seems, as suddenly there is an abundance of colours.

We were wandering locally. Cornwall never lets you down. It's not just beaches, though some are quite special.

An early display of bluebells almost hidden in the hedgerow.

Not sure what the small flowers are but they brighten an old wall.

We looked down on the valley with the old chimney, from the china clay industry, still in position.

More ways to brighten an old Cornish wall.

An abundance of forget-me-nots

Then when in silence thou doest walk,
Nor being round with whom to talk;
When thou art on the mighty deep,
And do in quiet action sleep;
If we no more on earth do meet,
Forget me not.*

Back to reality, this little fellow joined us on our walk but soon got bored with our company.

Colour on the bushes.

A rhododendron in all its glory.

Ah, and just in case you need to know the time - a dandelion clock.

A colourful duo - a post box and a yellow hydrant sign - the numbers indicate the size of the water main (top number) and the bottom number indicates the distance to the actual hydrant.

Another shade of yellow.

Ah, and a lonely pansy.

Finally, as it's April some May flowers! 
Remember though: Ne'er cast a clout till May is out. Back in the 15th century clout meant a fragment of clothing.

* The poem, from 1841, by Ann Plato.

Thank you for visiting my blog ~ Mike.


  1. Lovely spring colours Mike. Eugh, is that a day time rat?!? We have some brazen ones down at the bottom of the hill by the river :0 My dear dad has given me a tutorial on hydrants (he was a fireman) but I always forget what's what. He has one story about a local swimming pool tapping into a large hydrant to avoid a big water bill. Alas I do not have a swimming pool, but I'm still tempted sometimes to do the same! Have a great weekend, Lulu x

    1. Hello Lulu, yes a rat, but a small one! He didn't seem a bit bothered by us. It's good to see the colourful Spring flowers, always uplifting. Hope you weekend is going well, take care.

  2. Such a joy to see colour again, Mike! Those lovely trailing flowers are Ivy-leaved Toadflax. The Japonica in the first photo reminds me of one we had in my childhood in Kent ... happy memories! But can it really be rhododendron/azalea season already? You will be a bit ahead of us over in the far west. We had a frost this morning.

    1. Lovely to hear from you Caroline. Lots of azalea and rhododendrons at their best locally. We visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan a few days back and there are some magnificent rhododendrons - one is supposedly about 170 years old. Good wishes.

  3. Beautiful and inspiring Mike, thank you! Such a wonderful array of colors! The last one looks like Mt. Laurel? The state flower of PA here in the US and found only in the northeastern part of the country.

    1. Hello Pam, hope all is well in your world. The final photo is also known as Hawthorn (crataegus monogyna) over here. Good to hear from you, all good wishes.

  4. You must be several weeks ahead of us with your weather as we don't have so many flowers out just yet.
    Lovely selection and great photo's Mike, I like the postbox & hydrant sign. ☺

    1. Hello David, we have had some lovely weather recently with blue skies, though it has been chilly when out of the sun.



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