Monday, 19 April 2021

Padstow Harbour, Beach and Walking the Coastal Path

Here we are in Padstow. The harbour, photo above, is a little empty as there is maintenance work being done, getting ready for the tourist season. The harbour will then be filled with water and boats.

We decided on just a short walk along the coastal path - the yellow arrow on the post below shows the way.

Padstow sits on the west bank of the River Camel Estuary. When the tide is out there are huge stretches of sand, as can be seen by the photos.

On the opposite side of the inlet is the village of Rock.

Lots of May blossom alongside the path at this time of year.

A building remains from world war 2 - part of the defence of the inlet. 

We sat and had our lunch with no one in sight - perfect.

In places along the path farmer's fields can be seen - this one is ready for planting.

From here we decided to retrace our steps back to Padstow itself. You can of course carry on walking for miles.

The path cuts between fields of green with the fishing port of Padstow in the background.

When the tide is right there is a ferry which crosses the estuary to Rock - and return.

Moving the estuary sand, below. You may have read my post Padstow, the Mermaid and the Perilous Doom Bar telling of the problems in the past with drifting sand in the estuary.

How the harbour looked on my visit, a bit muddy.

A few boats seemed to be stranded in the harbour.

And finally back to an  almost empty car park and the Harbour Hotel. In the popular, busy times of the year the car park can get very full, as can Padstow itself.

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.


  1. Padstow is my sort of place and I'll look forward to seeing an update when the work's complete.
    The rest of your post is a bit different to your usual rocky coastline and seas. These scenes are more pastoral and gentle, with rolling fields and agricultural scenes, which I find very relaxing.

  2. Hello David, lovely sand at Padstow when the tide is out. The small town and harbour get very busy though in the summer months. Part of the popularity is Rick Stein's restaurant and outlets. Good wishes.



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