Thursday 15 April 2021

A Glimpse of Charlestown, Cornwall While the Harbour Walls are Being Repaired

I was wondering if Charlestown had managed to repair their harbour wall - see my post So I decided to pay a visit via the coastal path.

The May blossom was out in all its glory. It always reminds me of the old saying: Ne'er cast a clout till May be out. My mother said this every year on seeing the first May blossom.

The flowers were in abundance as I made my way towards the harbour - and other plants too.

The first glimpse of the harbour from the coastal path - all looks quiet.

The path continued downhill past a Beach Retreat.

Ah, and now a clear view of part of the harbour showing the heavy equipment still in situ. 

Two more photos of how the harbour looks (at today's date 04/04/21).

A couple of doves seemed very interested in what was happening.

A few boats in port.

Nearby is the Shipwreck Treasure Museum. Haven't been in their for donkey years.

That's all for today, thanks for your visit ~ Mike.


  1. Good to see the May blossom, you're way ahead of us as ours hasn't even started producing buds yet. The work at Charlestown will be worth the upheaval I'm sure and I look forward to seeing the harbour completed.

    1. Thanks David, I didn't realise the difficulties they would have in mending the old harbour wall but they seem to be progressing okay now. Lots of May blossom here. Good wishes.

  2. I’d like to visit that museum! Love the expression “in donkey years” and I’ve never heard it before so I’ll try it out next opportunity I get and see what happens. 😊 I always enjoy seeing pictures of Charlestown Harbor. Thanks, Mike!

    1. Hello Ann, I must go into the museum when it is open again - our lockdown is getting easier now with more freedoms. We can have six people in our garden so it was lovely last weekend to have our son and family over for an outside lunch. I missed seeing the grandchildren.

  3. Thanks for the Charlestown tour Mike. I have never visited, but remember it from Poldark (I only watched series one). They certainly look very busy fixing that wall. Have a great weekend. Lulu x

    1. Thanks Lulu, hope you are enjoying your weekend. One of the sailing boats from Poldark resides in the port at Charlestown.



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