Sunday 11 April 2021

Flowers This Year In Cornwall

Okay, here we go with some flowers I have seen in Cornwall recently.

I'll admit I cheated with the photo above as they are flowers my wife received on her birthday.

The flowers in the next group of five photos were all growing happily - wild and free... those were the days!

Some quince. We used to have one of these in our garden. I can't quite remember what happened to it, though it did bear fruit. 

Heather seen near Cornwall's Eden Project.

Next proves that Cornwall has had some  pleasant blue sky days - contrasts well with the pink blossom.

Ah, and one of my favourite birds, the robin, always a welcome visitor.

Two more flowers which were growing wild, quite an explosion of forget-me-nots

Primroses: often seen wild but these are from our garden. The red coloured brick is from the cottage where my wife was born in northern Germany. On a visit to the area the cottage had been virtually destroyed to make way for a new main road - so we brought home a brick as a souvenir.

Next is Toby's bush in memory of our favourite ever dog, a wonderful border collie. His photo is at the end of the post.

A pink azalea in our front garden, hasn't been quite as bountiful with the flowers as usual.

Another photo of the same azalea.

Oh, and some roses my wife also received on her birthday - well that's what she told me! 

Thanks for visiting my blog - all good wishes.

My favourite photo of Toby


  1. Lovely flowery photos Mike. I love the story of your wife bringing back a red brick from her childhood home. I too grew up in a red brick house. You don't get red brick in Cornwall and it is something I miss. Flowering quince is one of my favourites. Every year I say I am going to get some for the garden. Toby is a 'ansum lad. Lulu x

    1. Thanks Lulu. I should have also said that the white brick was from the same cottage. Luckily we had our car with us on the trip. As for Toby he was so special.
      All good wishes ~ Mike.

  2. Lovely flowers Mike, but my favourite picture is the one of Toby.

    1. Thanks David, before Toby we had a dog named Pudd'n - a dog of several mixtures. Cheers.

  3. What a gorgeous array of flowers to cheer us all up, Mike! Thanks for them all, and the dear dog at the end. Sending good wishes to you and yours, stay well and safe.

    1. Many thanks, hope all is well, our freedoms start today - hopefully. All good wishes.



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