Wednesday 7 April 2021

The Lovely Riverside Town of Fowey, Cornwall, 21 Photos

Sometimes you see a house which seems to have a perfect setting, like the one above in Fowey. 

What a view - overlooking the sea and the entrance to the Fowey River and also near to Polly's Leap and cove - which, perhaps, may not be so good. 

There are varying stories, but someone called Polly is said to have thrown herself and her new born baby from the cliff after being jilted by her boyfriend.

We were walking along the Esplanade in Fowey towards the town.

We continued to the end of the Esplanade and turned right by the red post box

Though I did take a quick look at Fowey Church.

We meandered towards the quay passing the Aquarium - with an outside barometer. According to the info Admiral Robert Fitzroy produced this design back in 1857.

Two hundred of the barometers were placed around the coast. The barometer shown below is number 103 and was given to Fowey town on  the 21st of January, 1871.

On the quay is a Rook with a Book. This is to celebrate the author Daphne du Maurier who lived in Fowey.

One of her books, The Birds, was adapted for Alfred Hitchcock's classic film of the same name.

There were also some Spring flowers in boxes.

The Polruan Ferry came into view. This, as the name suggests, crosses the river from the village of Polruan to Fowey and vice versa.

We moved on to Fore Street but only walked as far as Mrs. Noahs, Instead we took a back street,  Bull Lane.

From here we could look down on the rooftops and ...

... a good view of the 16th century church tower.

We came across a quote from Wind in the Willows: "and you really live by the river? What a jolly life."

Some say that Pont Pill, a creek which joins the River Fowey, was  the inspiration for Kenneth Grahame's Mole, Ratty, Toad and Badger's adventures in his book The Wind in the Willows

Another view of the church.

We now start to go downhill via steps.

A few brightly coloured cottages show the way.

The photo below is looking back to where we had walked.

And bob's your uncle, we are next to the church once more - along with some Spring flowers. The 14th century church, is dedicated to St. Finbarr

So it's back to the Esplanade to retrace our steps. A couple of photos of the cottages. 

The Fowey River is to the left and if you take a sneaky peek through a window, when no one is looking of course, you'll see the river.

And finally for today looking across the river to Polruan.

Fowey Car Parking:
The car parks in Fowey can be quite expensive, but at this time of year (October to April) I park roadside where there is a single yellow line. See sign below which verifies this is okay. Always double check the signs though.

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  1. What a pretty looking place Mike. What a great Barometer - I shall have to look out for those. Thank you for sharing your walk. I am sitting here eating toasted teacakes and sipping tea, contemplating braving the arctic conditions outside today. Lulu x

    1. Thanks Lulu, as for teacakes and tea that sounds perfect. Regarding the barometer I have never seen a another one on my travels, All good wishes.

  2. Thank you for the thoroughly beautiful tour, Mike. I love all the details you have captured and the churchyard looks absolutely enchanting. There is something about the Springtime, isn’t there.

    1. Hello Ann, lovely to hear from you. Spring is very special, with all of those new beginnings, gives us promise of good things to come. Take care.

  3. Lovely location, it was my favourite place when we visited Cornwall many years ago. Delightful images which remind me of the town.

    1. Thanks David. I like Fowey, holds special memories. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but we stayed in a small cottage there while waiting for the purchase of our house to go through. It was a magical time, with lots of sunshine. Hope you are managing to get out, look forward to your photos.




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