Saturday, 3 April 2021

Time Really Did Stand Still

A while back my wife and I wandered into, Devon which is the next county to Cornwall. It was here that I discovered that time really can stand still.

We went for a walk on Dartmoor. There wasn't another soul to be seen, so perfect for walking and forgetting the rest of the world. 

For a while we followed a path alongside a small river, which we crossed using some stepping stones. We then had to make our way up the side of the valley via some uneven stone steps. All quite reasonable and shouldn't have caused any problem ... but little did I know!

Karin was ahead of me and when we were nearly at the top she must have missed a step or slipped on the uneven rocks. Whatever happened she started to fall backwards. I was a couple of steps behind her ... and it was then that time stood still.

Thoughts started flowing through my mind ..."When Karin hits me I wall fall backwards as well ... I'll hit my head on the rocks below ...she will land on top of me but will still have a nasty fall ... what should I do for the best ..."

I was methodically working out what to do and the consequences as Karin was falling backwards, so it can only have been a second in time, if that.

I then felt my back foot being lowered to the step below and, goodness knows how, I caught her! I didn't fall and neither of us was hurt.

The point is that time definitely stood still. I couldn't possibly have had all of those thoughts and react to catch Karin in a normal, every day, time frame.

We reached the top of the steps and looked down. Karin was shaking and was in tears thinking of what might have happened to us both. She said words to the effect that our Guardian Angel must have been looking after us. I still can't explain how I caught her.

All in all a weird experience.

I have never experienced anything like this previously.  Oh, other than when I was riding a donkey facing backwards in a donkey race - and thought I was going to fall off - but that's another story!

Seriously though, there does seem to be much more to our lives than we fully realise.

Thanks for reading - will be back to a Cornwall theme for my next post.


  1. I think all sorts of things go through your head after a disaster is averted, but I've never experienced time standing still. Good to hear you both came to no harm.

  2. It was a strange experience, but we covered well. Thanks David.

  3. What a catch! I have also experienced time standing still Mike.... a very strange feeling. It is boggling that the mind can process so much detail and potential outcomes in a split second. I did read and interesting article about it years ago in a science magazine, but have sadly since forgotten all the detail. Take care, Lulu x

    1. Thanks Lulu. Time is an interesting subject - so much I don't fully understand about life in general - but the answers are out there somewhere. All good wishes ~ Mike.

  4. Wow I love a bit of supernatural. Your walk sounds weird and wonderful.
    I hope you are all well.

    1. Hello, many thanks - can't beat a bit of supernatural! All good wishes, looks like we are now regaining freedoms - hopefully.



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