Friday 5 November 2021

A Mixture of of Photos Snapped in Cornwall

 A mixture of photos today, but all taken when I have been out and about in Cornwall. Above is the  Towanroath Shaft Pumping Engine House. It's hard to imagine that this area would have once been a hive of activity with tin and other minerals being exported all around the world.

Next a glance inside of the Huers Hut in Newquay. It was used in the past as a look out when shoals of pilchards were expected. The hue and cry would be heard when the fish were seen.

We are now by the White River near St. Austell.

It's definitely a hotchpotch of photos. The next photo is of the old lock on the church door at Tywardreath. The village is known as a setting for Daphne du Maurier's book, The House on the Strand.

Just along from the church, in a field, were these happy faces making hay.

Charlestown now, but probably a view you haven't seen previously

 A couple of cloud photos, how quickly the weather can change.

The new(ish) part of St. Austell all lit up, at least for a while.

The Eden Project lights last Christmas.

And below plants in Eden's biome ...

... plus a West African shop. You never know what you might spot at the Eden Project.

Moving on, a few houses before the rain came down.

 An aeroplane ready for take off at Truro's Victoria Gardens.

At Charlestown again now, with a father and young son fishing. Good to see.

Red berries: it's often said that if there are lots of red berries, especially on holly, it's going to be a cold winter.

Flying high, a black and white photo, clicked on an evening walk.

Looks like St. Austell town is trying to get locals to shop locally - perhaps free parking would help.

We must have had a 100 plus of these fellows on our back garden grass - also a reminder that our grass needs cutting!

Not too sure what this is but looks very tactile and could well tell many stories - imagine how many people must have touched this over the years.

Oh yes, and this dog was sleeping when he should have been on guard duty.

Finally today, all is quiet at Charlestown.

Thanks for visiting my blog, all good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. A great mix of pictures Mike. I like the evening pic in St. Austel and the engine house, that lock is amazing. A post from you wouldn't be complete without a scene from Charlestown, I wonder if they caught anything?
    My favourite picture though is the "sleeping" dog, delightful. Have a good weekend Mike. 😊

  2. Thanks David, we often seem to end up at Charlestown when out and about - and usually find something of interest. Hope you have a good weekend too.

  3. Hello Mike, amazing collection of photos here. So good to see inside Newquay's whitewashed Huers Hut (when I was little, I used to say I was going to live in it!). Lovely shot of the dad fisherman and son - good to start 'em young. The fed up dog picture is very funny :) Hope you have a great week. Lulu x

    1. Hello Lulu, the Huers Hut would make a fun home and with a view. You have good taste! The dog in the photo made me smile as he seemed fast asleep and didn't budge as people walk nearby.
      Have a good week too, take care.




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