Sunday 1 January 2023


Back to my blog, once more, now that Christmas is over. So a few odds and bods starting off with afternoon tea!

We were gifted a Cornish afternoon tea at the Rosevine Hotel, Portscatho, which was quite pleasant.

The first three photos are of the hotel. It is set in a pleasant position, just a short walk to the sea.

Oh, and don't forget that, with a Cornish tea, the clotted cream goes on top of the jam on the scones.

An an old milestone below. I have now travelled to St. Austell - 13 miles from Truro. according to the stone.

Just along the road, from the milestone, is a more up to date signpost.

When approaching St. Austell by car there is a nice green area with a few interesting trees, even in the winter.

The monkey puzzle tree tree (Araucaria Araucana), always fascinates me - think I have mentioned this previously in a post.

The foliage is quite distinctive.

Moving on I walked towards St. Austell town. In doing so I passed something unique within Cornwall - high rise flats! Somehow they seem out of place.
Despite the chill in the air a small flower nearby managed to survive in the undergrowth

Walking on I had a peek at the Gover Stream.

Next, near to a Co-op store, are the remains of the Pentewan Railway Clay Cellars.

The Pentewan Railway once carried local china clay from St. Austell to the harbour at Pentewan for export. This was operational from 1829 to about 1918. The Pentewan Trail for walkers now follows the  route of the railway.

Below shows how the harbour at Pentewan was once full of sailing boats exporting china clay worldwide in the late 1800's and early 1900's

Today Pentewan harbour is landlocked, and is enjoyed by swans, ducks and the like - though they must have been hiding when I snapped the photo.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you had a great Christmas and and have a wonderful New Year.
Good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Pleased to see a post from you again Mike. The afternoon tea sounds good, lovely pictures of the flowers too. It's a shame the harbour at Pentewan has become silted up but at least the old railway trackbed has been put to good use as a walking trail.
    Happy New Year Mike.

    1. Thanks David, yes the traditional afternoon tea was vey pleasant.
      Hope you have a happy and healthy 2023.

  2. Oooh, what a lovely gift, an afternoon cream tea! There was a time when I did scones the Devon way, but shhh, please don't tell the neighbours. It is unusual to see high rise flats in Cornwall. Walking trail looks good :) x

    1. Thanks Lulu. I quite like the traditional Cornish afternoon tea, though I don't indulge in them vey often. Good wishes.



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