Friday 24 March 2023


Gover Valley, St.Austell, Cornwall

It was a dull day, drizzly at times, but I decided to take a wander along  Gover Valley in St.Austell. I have previously published a post, with 40 photos, of a walk based on the valley - there's a link at the end of this post.

Gover Valley daffodils, Cornwall

A few daffodils brightened the day as did the Gover Stream, which feeds into the St. Austell River, as it is known locally, but is usually  shown on maps as the River Vinnick.

Gover Stream, Gover Valley, Cornwall

Another name often used for the stream is the White River, because it can become coloured by local china clay.

Gover Valley, Cornwall, old buildings

Along the Gover Valley there are remnants left over from the china clay industry.

Gover Valley, river, trees and moss.

Alongside the river is the occasional cottage or house like the one below, almost hidden amongst the trees.

House hidden away in Gover Valley, Cornwall

Being a valley it is often shaded from the sun so can be quite damp. 

Stream in Gover Valley, Cornwall

The dampness encourages mosses to grow by the Gover Stream.

Stream in Gover Valley, St.Austell Cornwall

The moss, combined with the tinkling water, can create a magical moment. It's easy to think of this as a home for the elves and fairies - or perhaps that's just my imagination.

But, whatever, the greenness that abounds at this time of year has an attractive quality.

Stream in Gover Valley, St.Austell, Cornwall

A Public Footpath sign shows a way to the side of the valley for those so inclined.

Public Footpath and bridge in Gover Valley, St.Austell, Cornwall

There's a bridge over the stream and a few steps have been made to assist the little people and us humans on their way.

Footpath and steps in Gover Valley, Cornwall

I chose to continue walking along the valley itself, some gorse made a change from the greenness, it seemed to bring everything more alive.

Yellow gorse in Gover Valley, Cornwall

On my return along the valley an old gate was struggling to protect access to an open field.

Gate, Gover Road, St.Austell, Cornwall

Delicate colour with a few primroses nestled by the edge of the road, next to a puddle from the drizzle.

Primroses on the road side in Gover rd., St.Austell, Cornwall

Then all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils.

Thank you for visiting my blog. There is another Gover Valley post: 40 Photos: An Updated Circular Walk Based On Gover Valley, St.Austell, Cornwall

Good wishes - Mike


  1. Many thanks, I shall have a look at your blog.

  2. That was a lovely walk Mike, The stream looks very attractive. We used holidays in the Lake District and the things I miss most aren't the lakes but the tiny streams coming down the fellsides. They made a tinkling sound and I'm sure these waterways in Cornwall are the same. We're still not able to get out much, my wife has been ill for a while and I'm feeling very tired. Hoping things improve as the weather does. Enjoy the weekend Mike.

    1. Hello David, so sorry to read that your wife has been ill. I have a similar situation, so we don't get out and about very far at the moment.
      I like to hear the small streams as well. It's a long time since we have visited the Lake District, but have some happy memories of our visits.
      All good wishes, take it easy.

    2. I am so sorry to hear that your wife is not well. I know how exhausting this can be for both of you. I hope that spring brings renewed energy and healing, and I hope the puppy brings joy every day in spite of the hard work it requires. Take care, Ann K.

  3. Beautiful moss, primroses and daffodils Mike. Looks like the perfect spring walk. I hope you both feel better soon x

    1. Many thanks Lulu. I seem to have missed your comment.

  4. What a gorgeous post, Mike. The streams, the moss, the flowers make it all look quite magical. I’m so glad I remembered to stop by today! Best wishes as always, Ann

    1. Hello Ann, sorry I'm slow in answering your comment. Karin had some health problems so lots of medical appointments. Always good to hear from you, all good wishes.




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