Friday 28 April 2023

Cornwall's Eden Project with 23 Photos

Today I'm at Cornwall's Eden Project with it's huge biomes (as above). There is also much more to view. We started off by walking an ancient path, with lots of moss and greenery on the large Cornish stones.

Moving on with a view  towards the biomes.

Getting ever closer to those biomes.

I'm not sure why I snapped a photo of this succulent, but it seemed lonely!

Here we are now in the Mediterranean Biome. It's pleasantly warm with lots of colourful flowers and plants.

A few people taking photos and enjoying the colours.

More photos of the plants in the Mediterranean biome.

No doubt you'll recognise the wicker animal amongst the palms.

Erm, well yes, I'm still in the same biome!  The next two photos represent the festivities of Dionysus: wine and fertility - and perhaps a little more wine.

Back to normal - a tulip.

On leaving the Mediterranean warmth - this man was walking up the side of the biome! Most unexpected.

Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the Rain Forest biome, but here are three photos I took on a previous visit.

That's all for today, thanks for visiting my blog - Mike.

A Zen saying: There's no meaning to a flower unless it blooms.


  1. It's an impressive place and the flowers in the Meditteranian dome are incredible. Lovely photo's from here Mike, I do like the 2nd pic of the mossy lane. It looks like a scene from Lord of the rings. 😊

    1. Hello David. We remember when Eden was just a china clay pit and we watched as Eden became what it is today. It's an interesting place to visit and changes with the seasons. The Rainforest Biome
      seems to be the most interesting for visitors. Trust all is well, good wishes.

  2. Lovely pictures Mike :) I've been knocked out all week with Corona virus so have been unable to go anywhere. I could do with a dose of the Mediterranean dome right now. Hope you are keeping well x

    1. Sorry to hear you haven't been too well and hope you are now on the mend. I've often thought it would be quite pleasant to live in one of those Eden biomes. All good wishes, take care.

  3. What an amazing place, Mike. It’s astonishing to see the different types of flora that can flourish in these biomes. I’ve never seen photos of them before, so thank you for posting them.

    1. Hello, the biomes are quite special. As we live locally we pop in when we can to see any changes - and enjoy the warmth on a cold day! All good wishes.



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