Tuesday 26 March 2024

Beaches and Harbour at Newquay, Cornwall

It's raining yet again in Cornwall, so I've dug out a few photos of a short stroll looking at a few of Newquay's beaches.

The first five photos today are looking down on Newquay Harbour.

The story of the harbour goes way back a long way. In 1439 a new quay was built in the manor, then called, Towan Blystra. The quay, though, became referred to locally as the 'new quay' - and this is how the town of Newquay got it's name.

Looking across now from the harbour.

 A pleasant beach below with hotels in the background.

 A short walk  further along the front leads to more beaches.

From here I followed my footsteps, back in the direction of the harbour. I arrive at  Towan Beach and the house on Towan Island as seen below.

If you now continued  walking over the 'mound', as seen in the next photo, you would arrive at the popular  Fistral Beach famed for its surfing - as seen in the final photo of today's post

Thanks for visiting my blog, could do with lots of sunshine now!
Good wishes ~ Mike


  1. The rain and drizzle seems to have around for so long your photos are a pleasant, colourful relief from the gloom. We seem to get one sunny day a week so have to make the most of it.

    1. Thanks David, as I write this there hale stones covering our garden !



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