Sunday 7 April 2024

My Garden in Cornwall

There still isn't much colour in our garden at the moment, here in Cornwall. I think Spring must have forgotten us. 
On the opposite  side of the road to us the greenery is looking quite blown and untidy - as below. 

Returning to our garden the azalea has a few flowers but, at his time last year, it was full of flowers with not a leaf to be seen.

Okay there a  couple of tulips and a daffodil in the front garden

Our back garden has some attractive leaves.

Toby's bush(a camellia) does have some colour and shiny leaves.

Next we have  our willow tree, quite damp and green with moss.

Spikey - below - has weathered the rain.

Other shrubs seem okay.

Quite a lot of primroses are popping up. I always  like to see them as they remind me of my mother. They were her favourite flowers. 

To finish today's blog it's back to the other side of the road where some of the bushes are looking ok.

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike


  1. This relentless rain & wind is really depressing, just watching the lunchtime weather forecast and apparently the weather will improve toward the weekend.
    Your flowers may not be as produce as usual but the colours are a welcome sight, thanks for sharing.
    I also heard that The South West has suffered extreme rain and has had some flooding. Hope all is well with you?
    We get one day of warm sunshine in-between the rain, that was our weather yesterday and Popcorn & I had 3 walks in the countryside to make the most of it. I did some light gardening too, listening to the County cricket commentary on the radio, summer had (I foolishly thought) arrived!
    Take care Mike, things can only get better

  2. Thanks a lot, David, yes we have had lots of rain but the high winds worry me the most. As we in a valley the winds seem to be quite noisy especially during the night. Every morning seems to be grey and raining. Fortunately for us the floods haven't been in our area.
    Nature seems to balance out the highs and lows - so hoping for a pleasant warm summer. Take care, enjoy your walks with Popcorn,

  3. Well, that past winter just went on & on didn't it! I've got moss growing on moss. Feeling distinctly springy here today for a change. Gorgeous colours in your pictures. Enjoy the garden Mike :) x



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