Saturday 27 April 2024

A Day in Cornwall: Charlestown, St.Austell, Heligan

A few photos from the last week when we were out and about. Above is the port at Charlestown and below is looking out to sea from the harbour wall. You might just be able to see a few minute sailing ships on the horizon - or there again you may not.

We then moved on to the town of St. Austell

My wife had an appointment in the town so I mooched about with my camera. Some colourful paintings in the next two photos.

A photo next of a china a clay exhibit on a wall. There are several of these in various places in the town.

The appointment over we headed for the Lost Gardens of Heligan - starting off with a friendly goat.

We always like to see the rhododendrons, though it was a little chilly to use the seats! 

A cheerful colour next to an old wall ...

... and a closer look at the wall.

Moving on now to the  Jungle at Heligan

Time to be  homeward bound

And finally a quick look at Carlyon Bay on our way home.

Nearly forgot, a saying seen at Heligan:
We don't stop playing because we grow old
We grow old because we stop playing.

Thanks for visiting my blog~ Mike.


  1. Lovely photos, Mike! That goat had a very elegant coat. A beautiful photo of it. I loved the rhododendrons too!

    1. Yes, the goat was lovely and so soft. Some of the rhododendrons are very old but put on a lovely display.

  2. Always pleased to see Charlestown Mike and I enjoyed seeing the wall art too. The artists who produce these paintings are very talented and when I watched some in action at the Urban Arts weekend in Cleethorpes last summer I found it fascinating watching the scenes being built up.
    Today we have constant rain, as I suspect you do too. Warmer weather promised for the coming week but, also rain! Take care Mike.

    1. Charlestown is one of my favourite places. I just hope they don't spoil it as there are many food outlets now, they are expanding the size of the Pier Inn - adding B& B rooms etc. Today (sunday) quite pleasant and the sun is out. All the best.




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