Saturday 16 February 2019

The Bodinnick Ferry: Fowey to Bodinnick and Return

The Bodinnick Ferry at Fowey
Bright colours in the photos but they were all snapped during the month of January - as you can tell by the bare trees.

The Bodinnick Ferry crosses the River Fowey from the town of Fowey to Bodinnick and vice versa. There is believed to have been some sort of ferry here since the 13th century.

The Boddinick Ferry leaving Fowey
The ferry takes cars, motor homes, cycles and walkers. At the time of writing the fare for a car is five pounds and two pounds for a foot passenger. 
Boddinick Ferry approaching Boddinick
This is often called Daphne du Maurier country. She once once lived at a house appropriately called Ferryside. You  can see this in the above photo to the right of the picture and again, in the photo below - it's the house at the front of the picture.

Du Maurier's first novel The Loving Spirit, published in 1931, was written here along with several of her earlier books.

Boddinick Ferry by Ferryside the once home of Daphne Du Maurier


  1. It looks as if this ferry crosses at a fairly narrow part of the river and what a great way to see the homes along the way. Ferryside is certainly a good choice to name a house located there:-) We always enjoy a ferry ride although most are only seasonal as there can be dangerous ice on the river.

    1. Thanks Ann, it's only a short ride but I always enjoy the ride. There's a lovely walk from Ferryside with great views of the river.

  2. It's a lovely area, I remember this ferry but didn't experience it. Great photo's.

    1. Thanks David. One of my favourite walks starts with the ferry,



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