Friday 22 February 2019

The Village of Mousehole In Cornwall

The harbour at Mousehole, Cornwall

On Wednesday I mentioned a visit to Mousehole prior to heading for the Minack Theatre. Here are a few photos I took at the time.

The first mention of the village was around 1280. Old records show that pilchards were exported from Mousehole to France in the early 1300s. The village, by the way, is pronounced as 'Mowzel'.

Harbour wall and boats at Mousehole, Cornwall

It is said that the last native speaker of the Cornish language,  Dolly Pentreath, lived in Mousehole. She died in 1777.

Harbour and boats at Mousehole, Cornwall

The harbour and village, with its narrow cobbled lanes, are a delight to visit. Dylan Thomas  described Mousehole as "the loveliest village in England."  

Shop called Mousehole at the village of Mousehole, Cornwall

History shows that Mousehole was invaded by the Spanish in 1595, when all but one of the houses was burnt to the ground. But it's quite safe to visit now!

Cottages and houses at the harbour of Mousehole, Cornwall


  1. Super photo's Mike. I remember visiting Mousehole on a very warm summer's evening, a wonderful place.
    I also remember, many years ago, the tragedy of the Mousehole RNLI Lifeboat.

    1. Thanks David. Mousehole is a wonderful village and harbour, a lovely area. It attracts many visitors even at Christmas time when there are lights around the harbour which reflect in the water. A great atmosphere,

  2. You all showed and told interesting! I wish you a good weekend

    1. Hello Grigoriy. Thank you for the visit to my blog. Hope all is well and not too cold. All best wishes.

  3. I'm sure this must be a very popular destination for tourists and I can see why. It's lovely! I would imagine that it is hard to get a mooring in the harbor. I have read about this village and it looks like there are many wonderful things to see there. You must have had a beautiful day judging from your photos!

    1. Thanks Ann. Yes, a lovely place to visit. As you may have read - after our visit to Mousehole we went on just up the coast to the open air Minack theatre. It's a lovely stretch of coastline.



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