Saturday 23 February 2019

Truro Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Truro Cathedral, Cornwall with a rainbow

Today's photos, taken at different times, are of Truro Cathedral, which dominates the Truro skyline. 

The photo above was a lucky shot. I was hoping that the rainbow would settle on the cathedral, but it wasn't to be.

Truro Cathedral by the river

The cathedral is, by cathedral standards quite recent. Building started in 1880 and was completed by 1910. The building is quoted as being a triumph of Gothic Revival Architecture.

For the full cathedral story go to Cathedral's website.

Truro Cathedral, Cornwall

The cathedral is one of only three cathedrals in the UK with three spires.

Truro Cathedral and narrow roads

The narrow roads by the cathedral make photos a little difficult, but the magnificent interior more than makes up for this.

Inside Truro Cathedral

Unlike many cathedrals nowadays entry is still free which, of course, is as it should be.

Wonderful carvings abound on the walls.

Staues and carvings on Truro Cathedral

If you are ever visiting Truro pop into the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. You won't be disappointed!

Truro Cathedral, Cornwall


  1. Very imposing building with a n impressive interior.

    1. Thank you David, it is a lovely cathedral. Difficult to photograph though because of the narrow roads.

  2. What a magnificent cathedral! Like you, I agree that the doors should be open to visitors whenever possible. It would be a thrill to hear the organ or a choir practicing! It looks as if Truro might be a bigger town than some that you have shared and I always wonder about the decisions throughout history about where such special churches would be built. Thank for for the tour and the link.

    1. Truro has been the main centre in Cornwall since the early days - now though, St.Austell has a bigger population. Truro is classed as a city because of the cathedral - the only one in Cornwall. The spires dominate the city.



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