Sunday 24 February 2019

Padstow, Cornwall on a Sunshine Winter's Day

Harbour wall at Padstow, Cornwall

We were in Padstow on Thursday and what a lovely day it was: blue sky and sunshine.

Padstow, a small town and fishing port, is on Cornwall's north coast. It's history stretches way back. It is said that the Vikings raided the area in  981. Padstow is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1068.

Today it's a busy place for tourism. Some of this comes from the restaurateur Rick Stein - visitors seem to want to travel great distances to have a meal in his restaurant or cafes.

Padstow Harbour, Cornwall

We walked around the harbour and then on to the coastal path. Lots of people about - partly because it was half term in Cornish schools. The coastal path though had lots of elbow room!

Green fields at Padstow, Cornwall

Padstow is situated on the west bank of the River Camel Estuary. When the tide is out there are huge stretches of naturally occurring granular material - sand in other words. 

Beach at Padstow, Cornwall

The name of the River Camel is derived from the Cornish Language Dowr Kammel, which means a crooked river.

Coastal Path at Padstow, Cornwall

The coast path winds its way alongside the estuary, with lovely views.

View from the Padstow coastal path

On the hillside there's a farm - what a great position.

Farm on the hillside of Padstow coastal path

The path goes on and on for miles and miles but we only walked for about an hour - and then retraced our steps back to Padstow.

View from Padstow coastal path


  1. Isn't that farm in a wonderful location! That is surely very valuable land today as I'm sure it was when it was established. I'm beginning to think that Cornwall always has blue skies!

    1. Thanks Ann. We have been very lucky with blue the sky. A couple of days ago it was said to be the warmest February day on record. I'm looking out of my window now (8:18 a.m) and the sky is blue, not a cloud in sight!

  2. Lovely area and photo's. The Coastal Path must be one of the most scenic.

    1. The coast path round Cornwall is wonderful - can walk for miles and miles. Thanks David, hope you are having the lovely weather too.



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