Sunday, 17 March 2019

A Glimpse of Lanhydrock House, Cornwall In 14 Photos

Dining Room at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall
A few days ago my post mentioned  Lanhydrock House and the estate's links going way back to King Charles and the English Civil Way. 

Unfortunately the house had a serious fire in the 1880s and had to be completely refurbished. The occupants tragically died in the fire.

The house now illustrates a late Victorian country house and estate.

The photo above is the dining room ready for a sumptuous meal. The kitchen was where the magic was created, so we start with photos of the kitchen. Lots of pots and pans ...

Victorian cooking pots at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

... and utensils.

Victorian kitchen tools at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

The scullery though wasn't quite so plush. Scullery maids  weren't on a par with the cooks.

Scullery at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

Tea would have been served to the lady of the house.

Tea time in the living room, Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

As for the gentleman, I don't think I'd have got on with him too well, because of that 'trophy' on the floor. Times have fortunately moved on in that respect.

Drawing room, Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

There is somewhere to have a glass of port ...

Sitting Room, Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

... while in the meantime work carried on in the ironing room

Ironing Room, Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

... and the Victorian dolls waited attention.

Victorian Dolls

Looks like someone was thinking of heading off on a journey.

Victorian luggage or leather suit cases

And so to bed ...

Victorian bedroom at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

... and in the morning the bath would ready - at the right temperature.

Bath time at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

That's about it, a quick tour of Lanhydrock House.

Large rooms for entertaining at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

Lots of space outside - about 890 acres I believe. The house is now run by the National Trust. Entrance is free to members. but for non members it is 15.35 for adults and 7.70 for children.

Estate at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

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