Friday 15 March 2019

Cornwall's Streets Are Filled With Money Waiting To Be Picked Up!

A pile of UK money coins

A different sort of post today - so no photos of Cornwall's wonderful beaches, cliffs, harbours and so on. Just a pile of money instead.

The coins in the photo are just a few that my wife has found. She finds them on a regular basis when we are out walking (in Cornwall). I never see them but she'll bend down suddenly and it'll be another coin found.

I put this down to the fact that she expects to find coins - so she does! My wife's father died when she was only four but he had a saying that the streets are full of money just waiting to be picked up. So perhaps he's sending her a reminder that he's still about - who knows!

Oh, and another thing, the coins usually arrive in batches of three. Many people say 'things' come in threes. If she finds two, she says that she'll find a third - and does. It's that word expect again working the magic!

I think on a much bigger level that we often tend to get from life what we expect to get from life.


  1. I believe that what you've said is true! It's always fun to spot a coin on the ground so a collection of this size tells me that there has been a lot of pleasure on your walks!

    1. Thank you Ann. Yes, it's fun to find a coin, even if it's only a penny. Karin even found a coin when we were high in the Austrian Alps and there was thick snow on the ground!

  2. Great story, Mike. 😊👍👛💰

  3. Well, this is a very different post from you Mike. I too seem to see lost coins on the ground when out walking but not so regularly as your wife seems to. Interesting.

    1. Thanks David. Interesting that you find coins as well. I find it strange that my wife sees the coins but I don't. Perhaps her eyesight is better then mine!



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