Friday, 29 March 2019

The Giant Gunnera Thrives In Cornwall

Leaves of the giant Gunnera

Cornwall has a mild climate and is not too extreme in the winter. This means we have all sorts of different plants growing, including palm trees - and the likes of the Gunnera as in my photos. 

Gunnera in Cornwall

The photos were snapped in my son's garden before he moved - but he somehow managed to take the gunnera with him to his new house. As you can see the plant was as high as his garage - and grows even taller.


According to Wikipedia the plant is native to Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Papuasia, Hawaii, Africa and Madagascar. 

There are many good examples of the Gunnera in Cornwall, especially at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, The leaves die off in the winter but return in Spring.

Leaves of the Gunnera plant


  1. We, too, is growing Hello Mike! wish you have a nice weekend

    1. Hello Grigoriy, good to see you. Hope you have a lovely weekend too, it's quite sunny here at the moment with blue sky. Best wishes.

  2. I've always been impressed with the Gunnera, such a dramatic plant which appears somehow prehistoric, probably is.

  3. Isn’t the texture of the plant magnificent! Very nice post, Mike. Enjoy your weekend adventures!

    1. Thank you Ann. It's my wife's birthday weekend so we have friends coming to stay and a family dinner tonight at the Pier House in Charlestown ... and the sun is shining at the moment!



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