Friday 26 April 2019

Miles and Miles of Beaches at Perranporth Cornwall Bring Miles and Miles of Smiles

Perranporth Beach, Cornwall

Here comes summer - well, hopefully - and this is Perranporth where many people head when they want beaches, surf and having a sunshine holiday in Cornwall - again, hopefully!

People on Perranporth Beach, Cornwall

Looking at the photo above you might be thinking that there's a lot of people about - and the photo was taken out of the main season. But not to worry, as there are three miles of beaches - enough for most people. Even in the main summer season there should be somewhere to plonk your stuff on the ground and enjoy the sea.

RNLI on Perranporth Beach

The beach has RNLI lifeguards on duty - though they only patrol the beach area between their flags. So if you wander too far they might not be able rescue you if you should get into difficulties.

Surf school at Perranporth Beach, Cornwall

It's a beach where there are surfers, so there are lessons to be had, for all ages.

The surf and waves at Perranporth Beach

The sea can have some good surf at times.

Plenty of space on the Beach at Perranporth, Cornwall

The beach carries on and on so the people get less and less.

The dunes at Perranporth, Cornwall

If you wander into the sand dunes you get a good view of the beach or perhaps it should be beaches.

Looking at Perranporth beach from the sand dunes

Yes, the beaches seem to go on and on ...

Amazing beach at Perranporth, Cornwall

and on and on - perfect! The photos were all taken on the same day.

Sandy beach at Perranporth, Cornwall


  1. I knew Cornwall had really good beaches but this one really is beautiful, and so clean. Lovely photo's as usual but the first one with the lone surfboard leaps out as my favourite.
    Great post Mike 😀

  2. Thanks David. It's a great beach, seems to go on and on - lovely when the tide is out, so much space.

  3. Beautiful beach photos Mike - i hope you are keeping well and enjoying your new home on Blogger :)

    1. Hello Christine. Yes, quite enjoying Blogger. We have been away for a week, just got back this morning - so everything is well thanks. Best wishes.

  4. Good photos there. We plan to visit Perranporth again this year. Miss the ponsmere hotel but things change. It can be so busy on the beach but lots to do and explorey caves. Yeah fingers crossed for summer sunshine. Kaz

    1. Hi Kaz. Thanks, I'm looking forward to the summer sunshine makes everywhere much more pleasant. Hope you enjoy Perranporth if you get there.

  5. Hi Mike, I love Perranporth - in fact I spent some years working as a lifeguard on the beach and still go to swim each week all year round. Just a thought - you might like my book I self-published last year - take a look 'Cornwall An Alphabetical Adventure'. Take care

    1. Thanks for the comment and for details of your book, sounds interesting. All good wishes.




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