Wednesday 24 April 2019

Visiting Restormel Castle and the English Civil War

Restormel Castle, Cornwall

This is Restormel Castle, Lostwithiel - or at least what remains of the building. It played a part in the English Civil War.

Restormel Castle entrance, Cornwall

It was 1644 and a Parliamentarian army (Roundheads), commanded by the Earl of Essex, had marched into Cornwall but had become trapped between two Royalist armies. 

Inside Restormel Castle, Cornwall

The Parliamentarian Head Quarters was at Lostwithiel and even though the castle had little strategic importance it provided a useful look-out post. There are far views from the top of the castle.

Restormel Castle walls, Cornwall

Despite guns being positioned on the chapel roof, and also probably on top of the gatehouse, the castle was easily captured on 21st August, 1644 by Sir Richard Grenville, who found 30 'rebels' and 'divers barrels of beef'.

Ancient walls of Restormel castle

This was the beginning of the end for the Parliamentarians who were forced to withdraw from Lostwithiel and eventually surrendered at Castle Dore, north of Fowey on 1st of September, 1644.

Views from top of Restormel Castle

All in all I enjoyed the visit to Restormel Castle, which was made even better as there was no one else about!

Restormel Castle

And finally how the inside of the castle may well have looked in the 1600s.
Old picture of how Restormel Castle would have looked inside


  1. A lot of these "ruins" are little more than an outline of where the walls used to be. This castle, although very much in ruins has most of its walls and archways preserved which makes the experience so much better.
    Super pictures Mike, I enjoyed the accompanying text, you research your subjects well.

    1. Hello David, thanks. Part of the appeal of the castle is its setting within the countryside with various walks. We enjoyed our visit, especially as there was no one else about - the advantage of visiting out of the main summer season.

  2. A lovely report with historical facts and beautiful photos. The glimpse of a possible castle inside is also much appreciated. Good work, dear Mike.

    1. Hello and thank you so much. All best wishes.



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