Sunday 26 May 2019

Bude Beach, Beach Huts, Swimming Pool and Pies!

Bude, Cornwall: Beach and distance view

A few photos of Bude, Cornwall where it seems that beach huts are very much in vogue.

Beach huts and beach at Bude, Cornwall

It's a sizeable beach when the tide is out. It is then possible to walk a long way beneath the cliffs.

Beach at Bude, Cornwall

The rock with, what looks like an aerial, is Chapel Rock which I have mentioned in a previous post.

Bude, Cornwall

The old cottage below has an prime position overlooking the beach.

Old Cornish cottage by beach at Bude, Cornwall

Bude has it's own Sea Pool, which gets filled twice a day at high tide - admission is free.

Natural sea water swimming pool at Bude, Cornwall

And there are even more Beach Huts!

Beach huts at Bude, Cornwall

And finally looking towards the town of Bude. We didn't venture fully into the shopping centre but did manage to visit the Cornish Pie Company. Just a small shop, but friendly staff and the pies are very tasty - well at least mine was!

Bude, Cornwall, town


  1. Cela dit, les français aiment bien "casser la croûte ", manger, colation, mais ce que je comprends, les British aussi; un sourire n'est pas à exclure.
    l'air de la mer et son littoral sur vos photos me donne envie de prendre un envol par chez vous Mike !!!!

    1. Hello David, thank you for your comment. I always like to be beside the sea and the cliffs.

  2. I really like beach huts, I think they are typical of the British mentality to enjoy a day at the coast regardless of the weather, along with Devonshire & the inevitable wind-break.
    They're also very colourful, as is your final image. A very interesting set.

    1. Thanks David. Before moving to Cornwall in 1975 we lived in the Poole / Bournemouth area where there were lots of Beach Huts. People used them in all weathers, so yes a very British pleasure.

  3. Seen peoe swimming the sea pool. They were having much fun. Thanks for sharing. Will look out for huts when we visit Bude this year. Kaz

    1. Thanks Kaz, nearly missed your comment! Hope you enjoy Bude, best wishes.



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