Wednesday 22 May 2019

Cottages, Green Fields, Coastal Views and Farm Animals at Poughill, Cornwall

Thatchd cottage in Bude, Cornwall

A short while ago I mentioned that, for a change of scenery, we stayed in a cottage for a week at Poughill (pronounced puffil) on Cornwall's north coast. I've done several posts about the area recently and places we visited such as, Tintagel, BoscastleBude and so on. 

Often though, in the evenings, we would wander the lanes around Poughill - so here's a flavour of the area.  The thatched cottages above were in the heart of the village by St.Olaf's church - but the building below wasn't quite as idyllic!

Deserted Cornish Cottage

Still in the main village, a row of cottages ...
A row of cottages at Poughill, Bude, Cornwall
... a house where jams are made and sold ...
Cottage selling jam at Poughill, Cornwall
... and then there is the Post Office and St, Olaf's church ...

Church at Poughill, Bude, Cornwall
... and, of course, a pub / inn -the Preston Gate Inn.

Preston Gate Inn, Poughill, Bude, Cornwall

Once out of the village, and walking along the nearby lanes, there are distant views of the sea and headland. The photos were taken on different days and at different times.

Countryside view to the sea from POughill, Cornwall

Green fields in abundance ...

Green fields of Cornwall

... with a few cottages and houses scattered about.
Lanes and fields in Cornwall
The hedgerows were full of wild flowers.
hedgerows of wild flowers, Cornwall
Ahhh, and then the farm animals.

Sheep in the fields, Cornwall

More sheep with their markings.

Lambs at Bude Cornwall

Some of the animals have glorious views.

Cattle in the fields and a view to the sea

Most were friendly.

Calves in field, Cornwall

And finally the narrow lane leading to the cottage where we stayed - wild garlic everywhere. Was lovely to spend some time on Cornwall's north coast. We live on Cornwall's south coast.

Wild garlic along the lanes in Cornwall


  1. It's a lovely area & so interesting to see the local architecture. The wild garlic is always good to see but don't plant any in your garden as it spreads at an alarming rate.
    Your photo's certainly promote Cornwall Mike.

  2. Thank you David, staying in the cottage made a nice break - even though it's not that far from where we live on Cornwall's south coast. Visited lots of places and walked a lot.
    As for the garlic - as you say looks nice while in flower but it can take over hedgerows - and gardens. Best wishes.

  3. A beautiful little town that must have made for a very relaxing week.
    Love the animals,they do have quite a view:)



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