Thursday, 20 June 2019

Early Bronze Age Rock Carvings at Rocky Valley, Cornwall

Rock carvings at Rocky Valley, Cornwall near Tintagel

Something a bit different today. The two rock face carvings - photos above and below - are from Rocky Valley, Cornwall quite near to the well known village of Tintagel.

The carvings were discovered in 1948 and there is an official sign that states:

Labyrinth Pattern Carvings 
probably of the Early Bronze Age (1800-1400BC)
This monument is protected under 
the Ancient Monuments Act 1913

Ancient carvings on rocks at Rocky Valley, Cornwall

Similar patterned carvings have been found in various parts of the world such as in Crete and Galacia, Spain.  Below is  a photo, from Wikipedia showing a similar design in Galacia.

All in all sounds convincing but there are those who spoil the story by reaching a different conclusion, Some question the carvings and say they may only be 300 years old maximum. 

The main reason to doubt the age of the carvings is the fact that there aren't any similar examples in south-west England. 

Personally I'd like to believe that the carvings are thousands of years old. Many others seem to also agree as they have left coins, ribbons with messages, candles and so on nearby. Very New Age - if that term still applies nowadays. 

Above: a similar carving in Galacia, Spain

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