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The Ancient St Piran's Holy Well and St Piran's Church, Trethevy, Cornwall

St, Piran's Well, Trethevy, Cornwall

In my previous post I mentioned the rock carvings at Rocky Valley. In the same area of Trethevy are also other old places of interest.

In the photo above, for instance, is St. Piran's Holy Well. It's thought to have been used, as such, for several centuries. 

The present structure of the well was recorded in 1880 and was built around a slate support for an adjoining open fronted cart hut. Until recently water was drawn by a hand pump at the back of the building.

St. Piran is, of course, the patron saint of Cornwall and close by to the well is St. Piran's Church - photo below.

St. Piran's Church, Trethevy, Cornwall

The church was first recorded in 1457 when the vicar at nearby Trintagel was granted a licence to celebrate mass here.
Inside St. Piran's Church, Trethevy, Cornwall
The church was probably used as such until the early 1700s. A gravestone was found dated 1707.

For many years the church was used as a farm building, until 1941 when it was restored for use as a mission church.

Church window at St.Piran's Church, Trethevy, Cornwall

A lot of the church has been, perhaps, over restored and most of the medieval features have unfortunately been lost.

Inside St. Piran's Church, Thethevy, Cornwall

All within the same area is also St. Nectan's Kieve and Waterfall, which I'll mention in a future post. 

When following the path that leads to the magical waterfall you pass a granite Roman Milestone as shown in the photo below. The pillar has been damaged - as it was used as a gate post for many years!

A badly worn inscription reads:


Translated this says "The Emperors, Caesars our Lords Gallus and Volusianus". (AD25-253)

Roman Pillar dated AD 251-253

Will continue in the same area with St.Nectan's Waterfall in my next post.

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