Monday 10 June 2019

First Class Dining On The Cornish Belle Steam Train From Bodmin & Wenford Station

Cornish Belle train, Cornwall

It was a damp, rainy night and we had been given a booking for first class dining on the Cornish Belle. The 75178 steam train was scheduled to leave at 7 p.m. and the rain didn't put us off. We passed though the booking office and made our way to the platform.

Vintage luggage at the Bodmin and Wenfold station

The Bodmin & Wenford station is very much in a 1950s style, in keeping with the heritage trains which run from here.

The Bodmin and Wenford Station, Cornwall

My gosh, it was pelting down with rain as we made our way along the very wet platform.
Cornish Belle train carriages
We jumped into the carriage at the first opportunity and wandered along looking for our table number. Not many tables were taken as yet - as usual we were early.

Cornish Belle train of the Bodmin & Wenford Railway

The tables were neatly laid out ready for the diners.

First class in the Cornish Belle train

Looking through the window the rain was still in full flow.

Looking out of the train window on a wet, rainy day

Luckily the menu had vegetarian options for me, while my wife chose Cornish beef for her main course. 

I didn't snap any photos of our meal as we just wanted to relax and enjoy our evening - while the steam train chugged along its journey.

Menu of the Cornish Belle train

It was after 10 p.m. when we arrived back at the station after our meal - and very nice it was too. 

The rain was still pouring down so I didn't get the photos I had hoped for. Nevertheless I managed a few shots of the Cornish Belle.

75178 steam engine train at Bodmin and Wenford station, Bodmin, Cornwall

Steam train in the station at Bodmin and Wenford

I snapped one photo in sepia as it seemed to portray a whole different era - a gentler, more polite era perhaps.

All in all, despite the rain, it was a very enjoyable evening.


  1. Not the best of weather but you still got some super photographs Mike. I really like heritage steam railways, this is well known for good reason.
    Are the dining coaches Pullmans? They appear to be in the traditional livery. It must have been quite an enjoyable journey and meal, despite the rain, I'm not jealous though!

    A lovely post, I enjoyed it.

    1. Hello David, thanks. I presumed they were Pullmans but I didn't ask. Their website only states "In addition to being hauled by a steam locomotive, all feature beautifully restored and decorated historic coaches"

      But, whatever, it was a lovely evening despite the continuous heavy rain,

  2. A steam train, a beautiful coach, a wonderful meal and the pouring rain...what could possibly be cozier! I just love this and thank you so much for sharing your evening.

    1. Hello Pam, just seen your comment - sorry! Thanks very much, it was a lovely evening on the train. Hope all is well. Best wishes.




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