Saturday 8 June 2019

A Trip Around Port Isaac, Cornwall - The Home of Doc Martin's Portwenn

Harbour walls at Port Isaac, Cornwall, England

This is a visit we made to the lovely Cornish village of Port Isaac. It has become quite famous since the Doc Martin television series, starring Martin Clunes, was filmed and based here under the name of Portwenn. It is also the home of the Fisherman's Friends singers. 

Approaching Port Isaac, Harbour, Cornwall

We parked the car at the top of the village and walked down to Port Isaac harbour. The sea around Cornwall seems quite magical as it changes to various  shades of colour. Houses are perched on the hillsides

Houses on the hillside at Port Isaac, including Doc Martin's house

By the harbour there are a few shops ...

The harbour area at Port Isaac, Cornwall

... and The Krab Pot cafe.

The Krab Pot cafe at Port Isaac, Cornwall

The harbour has a small beach dependent on the tide. Looking upwards, it's possible to see Doc Martin's house. I have put a red dot on it's roof.

Port Isaac harbour, including Doc Martin's house

Looking out to the Port Isaac harbour walls and ...

Small stony beach at Port Isaac, Cornwall

... now looking inland from the beach.

Looking back from the beach at Port Isaac

There's a path leading up to the cliff side houses and a walk beyond.

Houses by the side of Port Isaac harbour, Cornwall

There are lovely views over Port Isaac from the path and ...

Port Isaac, Cornwall

... you pass Doc Martin's house (photo below).
Doc Martin's House, Port Isaac, Cornwall
After walking quite a way, we retraced our steps going down the path - with those lovely views.

Port Isaac, Cornwall

Reaching sea level again we meandered through the village cottages.

Cottages at Port Isaac, Cornwall

Cottages at Port Isaac, Cornwall

There's a lot of up and down in the village. The photo below shows why it's advisable to park cars at the top of the village - the roads are very narrow ...

Narrow roads at Port Isaac, Cornwall

... and can be quite steep.

Cottages and narrow road at Port Isaac, Cornwall

A last look at the harbour before making our way back to the car. Always an interesting place to visit but it does get busy in the main season because of the popularity of Doc Martin. We saw many people visiting from other countries.

Port Isaac Harbour, Cornwall


  1. Lovely blog as always Mike Hope you are keeping well and enjoying your new blog :)

  2. My wife and I are well, thanks, but not too keen on the rain at the moment! All best wishes, no doubt you are busy thus time of year.




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