Wednesday 12 June 2019

Truro and Truro Cathedral, Cornwall

Truro Cathedral, Cornwall

I have written previously about how difficult it can be to get a decent photo of Truro Cathedral - as it is surrounded by other buildings. It then dawned on me that there might be a view from the tall multi-story car park. 

Sure enough, there was a better view, as above - and the car park was empty on the top floor. I always park somewhere else.

Anyway, we were in Truro as my wife had a dental appointment. The view below is from our dentist's practice, with the cathedral hiding behind trees. 
Looking through the trees at Truro Cathedral, Cornwall
While waiting for my wife I wandered along Boscawen Street which still has the original cobbled surface and drains by the pavement.

Shops in Boscawen Street, Turo, Cornwall

I then crossed the road by the Balisha Beacons. They were named after Leslie Hore-Belisha, a Minister of Transport who, in 1934, added the orange beacons to pedestrian crossings.

Belisha Beacons, Truro, Cornwall

From there I passed some repairs being made ...

Building repairs in Truro City, Cornwall

... and down a side road passed the Cornish Food Box.

Cornish Food Box, Truro, Cornwall

After criss crossing a few roads I started to make my way back to the dentist in time to meet my wife - with her clean, white teeth!
Terrace of Georgian houses, Truro, Cornwall
And a final photo of Truro Cathedral from the top of the car park, but in my haste I chopped a little off one of the spires - bother!

Truro Cathedral, four spires, Cornwall

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