Friday 14 June 2019

Walking at Golant, Cornwall

Walking near Golant, Cornwall, wonderful views across the countryside

I like walking, as you may have gathered from my posts - and not necessarily following a pre-planned route. It's sometimes just nice to walk.

The photos today are of such a walk starting at Golant, Cornwall. We parked the car alongside the river. The tide was out as you can see from the photo below.

Boats at Golant, Cornwall

We passed the Fishermans Arms pub and headed for a footpath.

Fishermans Arms pub, Golant, Cornwall

The yellow arrow on the sign indicated that this is a Public Footpath and the black cross shows that this is part of the Saints' Way.

Sign post showing the Saints Way, Cornwall

We walked through the woods ...

Into the woods at Golant walking

... with glimpses of the River Fowey.

River Fowey, Golant, Cornwall

The path wiggled about but was clear of any hazards - not that we expected any!

Through the woods, Cornwall walking

The sunshine made it's way through the tree tops casting bright patches on the grass.

Sun shining between the trees, Cornwall

The trees gradually disappeared and the fields opened up before us.

Walking at Golant, Cornwall

Wild flowers tinted the fields.

Walking across fields from Golant, Cornwall

And then ... well, I think this is my favourite view - photo below.

Beautiful views across the fields near Golant, Cornwall

A few cattle joined us as we walked until ...

Cows and cattle in field, Cornwall

... we reached St.Sampson's Church.         

Golant church, Cornwall

There was a lovely view from the churchyard. Oh yes, and the church has it's own Holy Well.

View across to the river from Golant church, CornwaLL

It was then downhill to the river and back to our car. 

Golant, Cornwall

All in all very pleasant and uplifting!

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  1. A varied walk, I enjoyed the woodland parts. We have a Fisherman's Arms pub in Cleethorpes, it was my dad's regular when he was in port. I don't have a regular as I'm yes total.

    1. Thanks David. It's interesting to have varied countryside on a walk - this was pleasant as it ended at the church.

      Strange you mentioned the Fishermans Arms, when I visited their website I saw that an 'M.Perry' had given them a positive review (not me!)

  2. Thank you for the lovely tour! And while all of the photos are wonderful, the first is stunning. It’s the perfect landscape composition!

    1. Thanks Ann. The photos are from a short while ago - we seem to have had rain, rain and more rain recently. I believe, in the area where David lives, parts of Lincolnshire have had floods.

      I still miss G+, can't get on with MeWe.

  3. Hi Mike! A beautiful photo journey as always. I do miss the G+ days of scrolling along and seeing your lovely photos. I finally have a morning to myself and wanted to head to your blog to catch up:)

    1. So good to hear from you Pam. I also miss G+ so many lovely people. I can't seem to get on with any of the replacements for G+. Thanks Pam, appreciate your kind words.

      Hope all is well - bet wishes.

  4. Do you have a map for this walk please

  5. Does this walk start in the direction of Fowey or Lostwithiel please 🙏 ?



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