Sunday 14 July 2019

Short Walk Along Coastal Path From Bude Across Summerleaze Downs

Beach at Bude, Cornwall

A few photos from when we were in north Cornwall at Bude. The weather unfortunately wasn't too good.

We walked along the coastal path, from Bude, the first part being across Summerleaze Downs as the photo below shows.

Summerleaze Downs, Cornwall

We continued along the coastal path and enjoyed the views of the sea and cliffs. There was hardly anyone else about.

Cliffs along the coastal path

There was a small flower memorial on the cliff top - it felt quite sad as the flowers were quite fresh.

Memorial flowers on cliffs

I brightened the photo below as everything was getting a bit too dowdy. Always nice to wander through rock pools. 

A stone wall  divided the fields.

Cornish stone wall by the sea

On our return to Summerleaze Downs there was a small shelter where we sat for a while as the wind blew. The view wasn't exactly exciting! 


  1. A "short walk" but big on interest. Lovely scenery and I like the rock pool. The flower memorial is, as you said, quite sad but it starts to tell story and we can each imagine a different ending to it. Great photo's again Mike.

    1. I like your comments and couldn’t express my reaction to the post any better!

    2. Thanks David. It was a dull day but once we got walking we found lots of interest and enjoyed the walk.

  2. I, too, reacted to the untold story of the flower bouquets. I’m certain that the spot is a perfect place for private reflection. The post is thoroughly lovely and I feel as if I made the same walk.

    1. Hello Ann, thank you. Often on walks we see seats/benches dedicated to loved ones who have died. I always think that this is a lovely way to remember someone - to sit for a while in contemplation with a pleasant view.

    2. Yes, whenever I pass a seat with a dedication plaque I make a point of reading it and saying, if only in my mind, the name of the person it's remembering. Even though I never knew that person I feel that keeps something of them in the present.

    3. Me too, David. Always read the dedications, somehow it keeps the memory of the person alive, even if we don't know them. Probably seems silly to many, but I always wish them well.




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