Tuesday, 16 July 2019

14 Photos of July Flowers and Colour In Our Garden In Cornwall


Some colour and flowers I have snapped in our garden. The hydrangeas are always good value as they seem to go on and on for most of the summer.

Below is a photo of Mrs. Perry. That's the name of the white poppy below, not my wife! The Mrs. Perry poppy was given to us several years ago by friends.

Large white poppy.

I like poppies, they remind me of sunshine. Though Mrs. Perry is white, I also like the big orange variety. Not sure what they are called - probably just poppies, as I'm not into Latin names.

Large orange poppies

And somehow a pink one has popped up too ...

Pink and White Large Poppies

Dahlia next. I just leave them in the garden year after year and up they come. It's generally quite mild in Cornwall.

Pink Dahlia

Large deep red and white dahlia

A bit more colour.

Geraniums like the sunshine, but don't we all.

Pink and white geraniums

And some lavender, now past its best unfortunately.


Fuchsias are another plant that seems to thrive in the sunshine.

Pink and red fuchsia

Pink and purple fuchsia

And finally roses, though not from our garden. A friend had loads so cut us a few.

Pink roses in a vase

Oh, and a P.S. 

Regular readers may remember my post about how my wife grew an apple tree from a pip. It took eight years but there are quite a few apples now - can't wait to taste them! 

Apples grown from a pip


  1. Lovely post Mike, I really enjoy photographing my flowers. You have some beauties here, I like Hydrangeas, so easy to look after. I like the dead flower heads when the frosts start. I remember the post about your wife's apples pips , "didn't she do well?" to quote Bruce Forsyth and I like your final still life roses.
    Now I think I'll give my camera an outing in my garden.

    1. Thanks David. I like hydrangeas though I always think of them as being old fashioned for some reason - but I guess I am a bit old fashioned in many ways! Look forward to your flower photos.

  2. What beautiful photos of your lovely garden flowers Mike! It's proving to be quite a hot dry Summer, but your flowers look fresh and so colourful. Inspiring! :)

    1. Hello, good to hear from you, hope all is well. As for the garden we have cracks in the lawn/grass - as you say it has been very dry. All best wishes.



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