Thursday 18 July 2019

The Lost Gardens of Heligan In July :16 Photos

Shire horse

We wanted a bit of a walk and, as we were quite near the Lost Gardens of Heligan, we decided to have a quick(ish) look round. We probably stayed longer than intended but with the gardens stretching over 200 acres it's tempting to keep on walking.

We saw a few animals. I love shire horses and the one above was off with a swish of his tail. The young sheep though was in a bashful mood trying to hide under the fence.

Sheep at Heligan

We headed to the walled flower garden.

Walled garden at Heligan

Quite a few flowers about. Lots of sweet peas with the old greenhouse in the background.

Greenhouse and sweet peas at Heligan

The walled gardens are all neat and tidy.

Walled flower garden at Heligan

A few poppies ...

Large red poppies at Heligan

... and into the sundial walled garden.

Sundial Garden at Heligan

Sundial at Heligan

There are a few seats in the sundial garden amongst the shrubs and flowers.

Seat at sundial garden Heligan

View of the sundial garden at Heligan

We then moved onto the jungle and lost valley area, which is completely different.

Large leaves at Heligan

Jungle at Heligan

Walkways at Heligan gardens

Then back to some fine old trees.

An old tree at heligan

And finally a photo that most visitors snap.

Most people's favourite photo of Heligan

We passed the old horse drawn caravan with photos and details of the Heligan Farm on our way to the exit.

Horse drawn caravan at Heligan

We often dip into the Heligan's gardens as we have annual passes. I have mentioned the gardens a few times on the blog, for example :

The Lost Gardens of Heligan: 18 Photos of Farm Animals, Plants and Jungle


  1. I enjoy walled gardens, so peaceful.

    1. Thanks David, always lots to see at Heligan.

  2. Perecfect garden. I'm so inspired.

    1. Thank you very much for leaving a comment. The gardens cover a large area so always something of interest no matter what the season.

  3. Hey you are doing great man!Love the photos

    1. Many thanks - appreciate your comment. Heligan always has something of interest.

  4. I am following you on pinterest. Love your posts! THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!

    1. Many thanks, Martha, for your kind words - appreciated very much. All best wishes.



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