Tuesday 4 June 2019

Growing Apple Tree From A Pip - Plus Cornwall's Eden Project

Oh, me of little faith! 

Eight years ago my wife planted an apple pip in a small pot. 

"Why?" I asked. "So we can have an apple tree," she answered.

"Yes, but couldn't we just buy one?" 

"Ah," she replied, "but I like the flavour of this apple."

"Okay, okay!"

Over time the pip began to shoot and became, what I called a twig." 

"No, no!" she said it's an apple tree."

And so it went on year after year, but I had to admit that the bush or tree, or whatever it was, gradually got bigger - but not a flower or an apple did it produce.

Last year I threatened to dig it up. "No, no!" she cried." Okay, there weren't actually any tears but I did say one more year and that's it - full stop!

This year all was silent in the house when I heard much excitement, "It's got flowers, the apple tree has got flowers!" 

"Oh, great," I mumbled with as much enthusiasm as a damp squid. "It doesn't mean that there will be apples," I said in my best know-it-all tone of voice.

But now, today, I have to admit that there could well be apples growing on the pip tree - at least a dozen or so - the photo at the top of this post shows some of the evidence.

Now I know that Aristotle said that:  "One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy."

I told my wife this but she said, "What on earth are you rambling on about, what's that got to do with apples? There will be apples on the tree, just you wait and see."

So I'm waiting to see. The proof will be in the eating of the apple pie!

And there's more:

Thought I'd better add a few photos to this post, so here are some flower pics from a visit to Cornwall's Eden Project a few days ago.

On the approach to the car parks there were beautiful fields of wild flowers.

Fields of wild flowers at Cornwall's Eden Project

Once inside the Eden Project we walked round the gardens to see some of the various flowers on display.


Flowers at Cornwall's Eden Project

Flowers galore at the Eden Project, Cornwall

Flowers at the Eden Project, Cornwall

After meandering through flower gardens we headed for the Mediterranean Biome - can just see a glimpse of it in the photo below.

Colourful shrubs at the Eden Project

We only had a quick walk round the biome as there were so many people everywhere - children were on half term, so lots of visitors to Eden at such times. Just a couple of quick photos from the Mediterranean Biome.


The Eden Project's Mediterranean biome

And finally a few people below getting their first look at some of the biomes - always an impressive sight.

A glimpse of the biomes at the Eden Project, Cornwall

Luckily we have annual passes, so can often visit the Eden Project, preferably when it isn't quite so busy.

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  1. You may have gathered from my blog that I like images of flowers, so this post has been a feast for the eyes for me. Lovely photo's as usual Mike, I especially enjoyed seeing the field of wild flowers and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your (wife's) apples later in the year.

    1. David, I thought of your blog as well when I read this post!

    2. Thanks very much David. I certainly shall photograph those apples - hopefully! Flowers always uplift the spirits.

  2. These are gorgeous floral shots! And I hope that the Apple tree you are doubting has a million apples one day! 😊

    1. Gosh, a million apples - now that would be something - a lot of potential apple pies!
      The pip came from apples given to us by a neighbour from his tree - there are always many more than his needs.
      Thanks Ann.



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