Sunday, 11 August 2019

St.Materiana Church, High on the Cliffs Overlooking the Atlantic at Tintagel, Cornwall

High on Glebe Cliff overlooking the Atlantic is Tintagel's parish church of St.Materiana. I took the photos while on a lovely circular walk starting at the church.

St.Materiana is believed to have been a 5th century princess of Gwent, the daughter of King Vortimer. It is said that she helped introduce Christianity to the local area in about 500 AD. The church was built between 1080 and 1150. 

I noticed the postcard below addressed to 'Heaven' while I wandered round the church. I found it very touching.

The postcard is in a child's handwriting and says:

"Dear Danny,

I hope you are having a lovely time in Heaven.

I miss you a lot.

From Marina"

The church is only a short distance along the high cliffs from Tintagel Castle, often referred to as King Arthur's castle. Tradition says that he was conceived within the castle walls. 

The photo above shows how the castle is built into the cliff itself.

P.S. There is a free car park at the church but it only holds about ten vehicles at the most. From the village it's up a very narrow, steep hill. Alternatively there are many car parks in Tintagel - but you'll have to walk up the hill!

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  1. The walk must be beautiful and invigorating given your uphill description and of course your pictures! I agree, that postcard is very dear.

    1. Thank you Ann, There is a wonderful walk from the church along the cliff tops with spectacular views. Definitely invigorating!

  2. Lovely little church, very similar in appearance & location to the church overlooking Whitby from the clifftop. You got some great interior images.

    1. Hello David. I have seen photos of Whitby, my son and family visited the area last year. Looks an interesting place to visit. Never been myself though - one day hopefully we'll get over to the east coast again. Thanks.



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