Thursday 26 September 2019

Walking From Duporth Beach to Charlestown, Cornwall.

Duporth Beach south Cornwall

Above is Duporth beach, which can only be accessed from Cornwall's coastal path - this entails a walk, either from Porthpean or Charlestown.

The photos are in sequence from the beach and heading towards Charlestown.

Blackberris on the hedgerow at Duporth, Cornwall

The beach itself is gently sloping and a mixture of sand and shingle. The name Duporth means two coves in the Cornish language. On some maps it is shown as 'Du Porth.'

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eedless to say, but there are no facilities - toilets etc - on the beach.

Looking down from the cliffs on Duporth Beach, Cornwall

The coastal path is quite easy to walk though there are inevitable ups and downs. Backing on to the path, by the beach, are several modern housing estates which have access to the beach.

The site for the estates was previously a holiday seaside camp and was used during World War 2 as accommodation for American and Indian troops. After the war it became a holiday camp once more - until it was sold for housing.

The SW Coastal Path near Duporth, Cornwall

As you walk along the coastal path towards Charlestown there are some historical remains such as the Crinnis Cliff Battery as described in the notice below. I'll reprint the wording just in case you are using a small screen:

Sometimes known as Charlestown Gun Battery, it was constructed by Charles Raleigh c.1792 to defend the entrance to his new harbour at Charlestown. The estate workers were formed into a Company of artillery volunteers, and held regular gun-drill here until 1896. The armament was four 18-pounder cannon up to 1860 when these were exchanged for 24-pounders. Later 32-pounders with a range of 2 miles were used.

Within these defensive walls remain the gun platforms, the anchor stones for a flagstaff, and the ruins of a gunpowder magazine. The side-arms equipment for working the guns was stored in a lean-to shed against the battery wall.

The Crinnis Cliff Battery, between Duporth and Charlestown, Cornwall

The mentioned gunpowder magazine is shown below.

The views inland now show the beginnings of Charlestown.

Across the hills to Charlestown village, Cornwall

Finally from the cliffs we can see the outer wall of Charlestown Harbour. It's now downhill all the way to Charlestown.

Looking down from the cliffs on Charlestown, Cornwall

Note: If walking from Porthpean to Charlestown, along the coastal path, the distance is approximately 3 miles.


  1. The views from the coastal footpath are beautiful from wherever you look, or so it seems. These views down onto the beaches are very restful, I particularly like the 2nd.picture with the berries.

    1. Thanks David - the coastal path is something special as it stretches all the way around Cornwall and beyond.

  2. Crinnis cliff battery was an unexpected find when I walked up the hill from the harbour



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