Monday 14 October 2019

Looe Island and St. Michael of Lammana Chapel, Cornwall

St.Georges Island, Looe

I had hoped to visit Looe Island, also referred to as St. George's Island, off the coast of Looe, Cornwall but unfortunately the boat wasn't running - I know I should have checked!

One of the reasons I wanted to see the island was because of the story that Jesus made visits here as a child.

There are various tales that Jesus visited Cornwall. I have written previously in a post titled Did Jesus Visit Cornwall? about how he may have travelled to the county with Joseph of Arimathea on trading missions for various metals found in Cornwall.

When Joseph carried out his business local to Looe, the story is that Jesus stayed on Looe Island.

Looe Island is pictured in the photo above and below.

St.George's Island, Looe, Cornwall

Some say that the island was also once called Lammana. In 1085 a small chapel was built on the island. It is thought that this was a monks' church or settlement. The island became a priory of Glastonbury and remained so until 1239.

On the coastal path opposite the island there is a sign post which points to 'Lammana Chapel Celtic Site' - so I headed uphill to see what was left of the chapel.

Sign post to Celtic site at Looe, Cornwall

There isn't a lot to see but I discovered that the chapel was shown to be St.Michael of Lammana. This pleased me being a Michael! 

Celtic Site at Looe, Cornwall

The chapel was built in the 12th century and then destroyed in the Reformation in 1548.

Old Cornwall wall, Looe

The drawing below shows how the chapel of St. Michael of Lammana would have looked in the 1200s.

Lammana Chapel, Looe, Cornwall

It is thought that pilgrims heading to the island - especially when the weather was bad - may have stopped of at this mainland chapel prior to making the crossing to the island.

A view towards Looe, Cornwall

From the high ground where the chapel is positioned the views are lovely. Who knows, perhaps Jesus walked these paths.

Information on getting to the island by boat can be found on the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website.


  1. Looe is an interesting place, I liked the picture of the gulls, although I would think they could be a nuisance. Messy anyway. The beach and the boats would certainly attract me.

    1. Thanks David, the gulls can be a nuisance. One of the reasons is that people will feed them. They have even been a problem in Truro City centre - they swoop down on anyone eating. Though steps have now been taken to try and combat this.

  2. Hi Michael,
    I found your site while searching for more information regarding Looe Island. I had just watched Time Team's Archaeological dig >
    Hermit Harbour,Looe Island, Cornwall | Season 16 Episode 9.

    Link >

    Re: Dig on Looe Island AND St Michael's Chapel, that legend says was once visited by Jesus Christ.
    The chapel on Looe Island became a magnet for medieval pilgrims.

    Lovely photos Mike, just lovely. Thank you.
    What a blessing you were able to travel to the area.

    > Kind Regards,
    Lori from Canada



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