Thursday 17 October 2019

Looe Town, River and Beach

River Looe, cornwall

A few photos today of Looe, which follows on from my previous post Looe Island and St. Michael of Lammana Chapel.

Above is the River Looe with the attractive bridge in the background. The first proper bridge is thought to have been erected in 1411 and was made of wood. The present stone bridge, with its seven arches, was opened in 1853.

Walking alongside the river is very pleasant. The seagulls appreciate it's beauty - and any chips dropped by passers by!

Seagulls by River Looe at Looe, Cornwall

The town of Looe is known for its narrow streets. Luckily the street below is one way only!

Shops and narrow roads in Looe, Cornwall

There's a restaurant tucked away, along with several others. The photos were taken out of the summer season,  otherwise the streets would be heaving with tourists.

Smugglers Restaurant and narrow lanes in Looe, Cornwall

Walk through Looe town and you will soon reach the beach - again this is very popular in the summer season.

When walking back through the town I was telling my wife about memories of London, when young, and how I'd go to a special cafĂ© for coffee and rumbabas - and how I hadn't seen any in shops for many years. 

By coincidence we then passed a bakers, and what was in the window? Rumbabas! So a purchase was made.

Rum Babas in shop window in Looe

There is a small station at Looe. about five or ten minutes from the bridge. You can see a local train in the photo below.

The The Looe Valley Line links Looe with Liskeard. The journey is only about nine miles but has some glorious views.

That's all for today.

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