Wednesday 23 October 2019

Walking From Ready Money Cove, Fowey to Gribbin Head, Cornwall

Waling coast path Fowey to Gribbin Head - lovely views

Today's post continues walking from St. Catherine's Castle, near Ready Money Cove, Fowey towards Gribbin Head - shown in the photo above.

On leaving the castle I looked back at Dawn French's £3,000,000 mansion on the cliffs at Ready Money cove - to the left of the photo. For overseas readers Dawn is a well known actress, writer, comedian and presenter in the UK. A lovely spot to have a house.

Dawn French mansion at Ready Money Cove, Fowey, Cornwall

The Fowey River is also in view.

Fowey River Cornwall

I passed through Covington Woods without realising I had done so.

Covington Woods, Cornwall

The initial coastal path is along the cliff tops. A strange thing is that, on my complete walk, I only saw two other people - which was quite nice!

There are a few coves on the route to scramble down if so inclined.

Otherwise the coastal path continues with quite a few ups and downs. The cove shown is Coombe Haven.

Part of the coastal path is looked after by the National Trust.

National Trust Coombe Haven, Cornwall

The countryside changes with green fields, at their best because of all the recent rain.

Green fields and cows, looking from coastal path near Fowey, Cornwall

Gribbin Head comes into view. The red and white striped daymark can just be seen, on the skyline, towards the right of the photo below.

Walking from Fowey to Gribbin Head, Cornwall - beautiful views

The path continues along the cliff tops to Gribbin Head and some of my favourite countryside.

Walking Cornwall coast from Fowey to Gribbin Head

The final hill to Gribbin Head.

Of course walking such a path normally means having to either retrace your steps back to the start, or having someone pick you up at your destination. Whatever, it's a lovely walk.

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