Saturday 26 October 2019

Carlyon Bay, Cornwall: Sand, Sea and Cliffs

The rock and sandy beach at Carlyon Beach, Cornwall

It had been a rough morning weather-wise. When the rain stopped we decided to have a quick walk along the beach at Carlyon Bay to blow the cobwebs away.

Sandy beach at Carlyon Bay , Cornwall

The sky gradually improved so I snapped a few quick photos - nothing too special. Not like the time we had a meeting with barrel jellyfish.

Not many people about. The rusty looking fence, to the left of the photo above, is part of the supposed redevelopment of Carlyon Bay. There are plans to build a beachside village here - but this has been said for many, many years. Details of the proposed development can be seen here. I'll believe it when I see it!

Cliffs at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

At the back of the beach are cliffs - it's quite pleasant walking along the coastal path at the top of the cliffs.

Cliffs at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

As the weather had been a bit rough there was a line of seaweed and shells on the seashore.

Beach and sea at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

I was hoping to find treasure rather than sea shells - but, as usual - we took a few shells home.

Sea shells and seaweed at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

The photo below may seem a bit strange but a river of water runs across the beach from the cliffs and cuts its own path across the sand. Somehow any developers would have to solve this problem.

Sea and river at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

Another view of the cliffs. Oh, and if you walk to the far end of the beach in the summer months beware of nudists!

Cliffs at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall


  1. Lovely scenery and beaches. We used to get seaweed along the shoreline but never saw any nudists!

    1. Thanks David. Luckily the beach is very long so the nudists can usually be avoided - but could be a shock if a walker was unaware.

  2. I’m certain that this lovely walk would rid you of the cobwebs! Perhaps the developers have decided that the resistance would be too strong, although I know that doesn’t stop them. Soon I will share some photos of the beach walks we are taking here in New England.

  3. Hello Ann, thank you. A lot of the development problem is possible flooding - from the high tides, the council wanted some form of harbour wall built. And also the water that runs down from the cliffs and also from under the cliffs - thus 'the river' seen in the photo.

    Look forward to your beach walk photos.



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