Monday 16 December 2019

Nanny Moore's Bridge in Bude

Nanny Moore's Bridge, Cornwall

Today a look at the 18th century Nanny Moore's Bridge in Bude. Above is how the bridge looks today and below how it looked in days of old. 
Vintage photo of Nanny Moore's Old Bridge, Cornwall

The three span bridge is a Grade II listed building and originally had a cantilevered section so that boats could proceed along the River Neet. 

Today it is only used by pedestrian but was built when carts and packhorses would trundle across.

Until the nineteenth century  it was simply known as Bude Bridge. So why the change to Nanny Moore's bridge?

Nanny Moore's Bridge, Cornwall

Not sure exactly why the name was altered but it seems it was named after a 'dipper' who lived nearby.

A dipper would escort and help ladies, who wanted to swim in the nearby sea. She would be a strong person, sometimes in charge of a bathing machine. This was to protect the modesty of 19th century ladies - no bikinis and the like back then!

Vintage Bathing Machine.

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  1. Interesting to compare your photo with the original. The only significant change I can see is the table fronted building to the left of the bridge.

  2. Not a lot has changed, it's interesting to compare different eras. I'm not sure though that the estates they are building nowadays will have such long lives. Thanks David.



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