Thursday 16 January 2020

Walking at Pentewan, Cornwall: River, Woods and Trees

St. Austell River, Pentewan, Cornwall

On Sunday morning it had been bucketing down. When the rain finally stopped we went for a walk along the footpath to Pentewan, Cornwall and to glimpse the sea before dinner. 

sign post, with a dangling lost mitten, was becoming covered with moss because of all of the recent rain and dampness.

Sign Post, Pentewan, Cornwall

For the first part of the walk the path follows what is known as the St. Austell River. It's proper name is the Vinnick River though, to confuse things, locals often refer to it as the White River as the water is sometimes coloured white by nearby china clay deposits.

Pentewan Trail, Cornwall

After following the river we turned off through the woods.

Pentewan Trail, Cornwall

A few puddles remained from the recent rain, but the path was quite walkable. It is also used by cyclists and the occasional horse rider.

Woods at Pentewan, Cornwall

At the side of the path a few smaller trees were swimming in water, though they didn't manage to get very far.

Trees in water

Walking through an arch of trees the sun began to shine - yippee.

Walking through trees to Pentewan, Cornwall

Almost to the end of the woods, but first a wooden bridge and a ford used by horses and sometimes cyclists.

wooden bridge for walkers and ford for horses and cycles, Pentewan, Cornwall

More dampness and moss on the trees but we have now virtually reached Pentewan village.

Moss on tree

The path opens up to the narrow road leading to the village - and what is the first thing we see? A fashion shop! Being Sunday luckily it was closed.

Fashion and Lidestyle shop at Pentewan, Cornwall

I'll carry on with the photos, and a glimpse of the sea, in my next post: Pentewan Harbour, Beach and Village, Cornwall


  1. I love these photos of such a pretty, wooded and winding path, perfect for walking. Although the sign has seen better days, it is charming and functional! There is so much ice here, with 3 days of snow predicted we won’t be doing much walking. We managed to take Axle for a run at the dog park but it was like an ice rink and we are looking forward to some sun. I sure enjoyed seeing the green in this delightful post. Thanks, Mike.

  2. Hello Ann, many thanks. It's an easy walk, we also walked here with my son and family. They now have a dog - a Red Fox Labrador called Max. He's quite a handful at the moment but has a lovely nature. It has been very cold here too, cold for Cornwall that is, with frost on the local roads.
    Take care in the snow, best wishes.



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