Monday 13 January 2020

13 Photos of Mevagissey Harbour, Cornwall

The harbour at Mevagissey, Cornwall

After so much rain and greyness the sun finally shone (10th of January) so we headed down to Mevagissey. The tide was out so the Inner Harbour - above - was a jumble of boats.

Harbour and boats Mevagissey, Cornwall

I snapped a few photos as we walked. The boats were still able to manoeuvre in the outer harbour.

Mevagissey is primarily a fishing village. Years ago the boats would catch pilchards, but the demand gradually decreased. The pilchards were then rebranded as Cornish Sardines - and the sales increased! What a difference a name can make.

The outer harbour at Mevagissey, Cornwall

Looking east from the harbour wall shows the rugged coastline.

Coastline looking from Mevagissey harbour walls

Two girls were out at sea on their paddle boards. The sea was so blue, calm and perfect. As I have no doubt said before, the sea around Cornwall has many colours and shades dependent on the weather conditions.

Mavagissey, Cornwall: two girls on paddle boards

Along the wall that divides the inner and outer harbours are some of the paraphernalia for the fishing boats. The public aren't allowed along this walkway for safety reasons.

Boxes for fish at Mevagissey, Cornwall

Not sure if She Sells sells sea shells but you'll find the shop by the harbour.

Mevagissey shop: She Sells

Looking out to the entrance of the outer harbour. Hard to believe this is January.

Outer harbour at Mevagissey, Cornwall

A few fishing boats and one of the harbour walls. Always interesting to walk along the wall unless, of course, the weather isn't too good.

Mevagissey harbour, Cornwall and boats

A further stretch of the walkable harbour wall.

Fishing boat at Mevagissey, Cornwall

Below is the entrance to Mevagissey's inner harbour - used when the water has risen to a suitable level.

Mevagissey harbour houses

Houses overlooking the harbour. Many are now holiday or second homes. This has pushed the prices up and up. So much so that it is now difficult for locals to afford them, especially the young looking for their first home. Many have to move away. This effects the dynamics of the whole village: the shops, pubs, businesses and the community.

Mevagissey Harbour, Cornwall

There's a range of small shops (and pubs & restaurants) in the village but many are aimed at the visitors who flood Mevagissey in the main summer months.

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  1. Always interesting to see the fishing harbours of Cornwall, I've started watching the TV series "This fishing life" which I think is based around Mevagissey. The little shops look interesting but, as you point out, .maybe only to visitors.

    1. Thanks David. Yes, saw the TV series based on the fishing at Mevagissey. Very interesting. As for the shops many are closed during the winter, which is a shame but can understand the reasons.

      It was such a lovely day on our visit, very cold but a beautiful blue sky. Have to make the best of such days.

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