Friday 10 January 2020

Cornwall's Eden Project and its Varying Art Work

Marble Statue and Water Fountain of Rebecca at Eden Project, Cornwall

Today a different look at Cornwall's Eden Project. Instead of the usual plants and flowers we look a few of Eden's art work.

Marble water fountain of Rebecca at Eden Project, Cornwall
Above is a marble statue, which is also a water fountain. The work was created by Ryan Gander and is fabricated in the likeness of his wife, Rebecca, who playfully spits water!

In the outer regions of Eden is the gentleman below - not exactly sure what he signifies.

Eden Project art work

Moving on to the Mediterranean Biome we find Gaia, an illuminated globe by Luke Jerram. 

The globe is seven metres in diameter and has NASA detailed imagery of the Earth's surface - as it would be viewed from space.

How the Earth looks from space

The bird below was happily amusing himself on cacti plants.

Bird in Mediterranean Biome at Eden Project, Cornwall

Oh, and this wicker animal was also frolicking happily in the Mediterranean Biome - well he would be if he could.

Inside Eden Projects Mediterranean Biome, Cornwall

Moving on to Eden's Core building we find Infinity Blue.

World's largest ceramic sculpture at Eden Project, Cornwall

It is believed that Infinity Blue is the world's biggest ceramic sculpture. It weighs in at 20 tonne and is said to pay homage to cyanobacteria, one of the world's smallest living beings.

Infinity Blue art work at Eden Project, Cornwall

The structure is around nine metres tall and fires out vapour rings spasmodically from it's 32 'cannons'.

This is popular with children as they enjoy trying to catch the vapour rings before they disappear. Okay, I do too!

Smoke rings at Cornwall's Eden Project

Moving on, there is art work around the gardens in varying forms.

Bench or Seat at Cornwall's Eden Project

Finally for this post we come across artwork called Crowd 4 designed by Julian Opie. I don't really get this, but it is described as a monolith sculpture with animation played on a double sided LED screen.

The film features a number of people crossing the screen, thus creating a monument to crowd or flock.

So there you are - various art at Cornwall's Eden Project.

LED artwork at Cornwall's Edaen Project

All this art work, so I thought I'd give Rebecca a bit of colour instead of her marble whiteness. 

Eden Project's Water Fountain of Rebecca

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  1. I always enjoy your posts about the Eden Project and I know it’s one of your favorite places to visit. The variety of sculptures is great, something for everyone it seems. Even though our winter is just beginning, I can’t wait to visit the local botanical gardens as I wait for Spring! Have a great weekend.

    1. Hello Ann, thanks. Yes, we often visit the Eden Project - we have an annual pass so can pop in when nearby, whatever the weather. It's been very rainy and grey here for, what seems like, weeks and weeks. Yesterday was an exception and we actually had some blue sky so went to Mevagissey. Hope you have a great weekend too.

  2. Thank you Mike for another visit to the Eden project. My one regret from our Cornwall holiday is that we didn't visit here. Nice to see the artwork, the one called Gaia looks very impressive. It must be very pleasant on a cold winters day to be able to go into the bio domes and walk amongst the plants.
    We've been enjoying some unseasonal, warm (ish) dry weather but today was much colder.

    1. Thanks David. With the recent gloomy, wet weather it's nice to be able to visit Eden and, as you say, wander round the Biomes. Luckily we have a local's pass. Was lovely here yesterday but seems to be back to greyness again this morning. Enjoy your weekend.



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