Wednesday 4 March 2020

22 Cornwall Flower Photos

Flowers at Lost Gardens of Heligan.

So February has passed away after storms, rain and flooding but, even so, there was colour and flowers to be found in Cornwall.

Flowers at the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Today's post is of flowers and colour seen when out and about in Cornwall.

February flowers ay Lost Gardens of Heligan

The above two photos and the one below were snapped at The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Flowers at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

The hyacinths were near the exit at Heligan.

Flowers at thr Lost Gardens of Heligan

Okay, I know these doves aren't flowers but they seemed to be asking for their photo to be taken - so I obliged.

Doves at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

Quite a few camellia styled bushes about. 

Flowers at Eden Project, Cornwall

Mostly have a touch of pink about them. A camellia in my garden quickly drops the lovely flowers to the ground. Recent strong winds haven't helped.

Flowers at the Lost Gardens of Heligan

There seems to have been plenty of flowers for anyone favouring pink and red.

Flowers at Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
Daffodils by the River Fowey are a little windswept.

Wind swept daffodils at Fowey, Cornwall

But I found lots more daffodils in various places. Always great to see but wish they would flower when the sun is out and about. The daffs in my garden soon got flattened by the rain and wind.

Lots of early daffodils in Cornwall

Attractive flowers in window boxes next to a cottage door in Fowey.

Flowers in window boxes, Fowey, Cornwall

Not sure what the flowers are below but they were in the Fowey Hotel garden.

Flowers in February at Fowey, Cornwall

The garden has a lovely position overlooking the river Fowey. Nice place for a traditional Cream Tea - when the weather has improved, of course.

Fowey Hotel, Fowey, Cornwall overlooking Fowey River

Snowdrops are often a flash of white early in the year.

Snowdrops, Cornwall
The next three photos were snapped in Pinetum Gardens, Holmbush, Cornwall 

Flowers in Cornwall
I like to see heather en masse, always makes a lovely display.

Heather in Pinetum Gardens Cornwall
Blue heather too.

Heather at Pinetum Gardens, Cornwall
A couple of flowers from the wild side. Firstly the gaudy yellow gorse. 

Bright yellow gorse growing wild in Cornwall
And a wildflower from the hedgerow. 

Wild flowers in the hedgerows, Cornwall
Oh yes, and this orchid from the warmth of our dining room. I think it looks like some kind of exotic creature or, there again perhaps not. But, whatever, thanks for looking at this post and the photos.

Pink orchids, Cornwall
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  1. Plenty of colour to brighten the day, we have daffodils and primulas in our garden but that's about all yet. Lovely post Mike, a promise of what's to come?

  2. Thanks David, we tend to walk most days so look out for flowers. We have daffs, primroses, camellias and primulas in the garden - and puddles of water!



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