Sunday, 1 March 2020

The Bodinnick Ferry Across the River Fowey

Bodinnick Ferry, Cornwall in bland and white.

Above is a recent black and white photo of the Bodinnick Ferry. I mentioned this in a recent post about Fowey and how it is believed that there has been a river crossing here since the 14th century.

The Ferry runs between the Bodinnick slipway and the Caffa Mill slipway in Fowey.

I have dug out a few old photos showing how the ferry has changed over the years. The photo above is from 1899 - driven by man power! 
I'm not sure of the dates of the photo above and below.
Today the ferry can carry small lorries up to 10 tons, motor homes, cars, cycles and, of course, foot passengers.

At today's date the charge is £5.oo for cars and £2.00 for adult foot passengers.

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  1. Lovely old photo's Mike & I interesting to compare with the present day.

    1. Thanks David. I quite like looking at old photos and comparing them with the present time. Gosh, blue sky today!



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