Thursday, 30 April 2020

St. Mewan Countryside and a Monkey Tree Puzzle

araucaria araucana - monkey pussle tree

Walking the streets and complying with lockdown rules and regulations we came upon a monkey puzzle tree and quite a beauty he was.

The proper name is araucaria araucana but I doubt if I'll remember that. According to Wikipedia it is native to Chile and Argentina so must be feeling a bit lonely in Cornwall.

It's strange but, as a young child, there was such a tree near to where I lived in west London. I remember my mother telling me it was the only tree a monkey can't climb - but mum always had some fancy tales to tell.

leaves of araucaria araucana - monkey puzzle tree

Anyway I'm supposed to be exercising not reminiscing, so a field with some deserted farming equipment.

Old farming implements, Cornwall

I'm actually walking along the A390, but there is very little traffic. In normal times this could well be heaving with traffic but we are far from normal times. The daisies seem to like the less polluted air - there's usually an upside to most things - hopefully.

Daisies on road verge

Even looking into the distant morning haze, there still isn't any traffic.

St Mewan dip, Cornwall

Turning off from the A390 down past St. Mewan school, where all is quiet - no happy children playing.

The hedgerows are full of flowers.

wild flowers in hedgerow

A host of wild garlic.

Wild garlic in hedgerows Cornwall

We pass the 13th century St. Mewan church. The granite stone tower should have been built higher but, according to a local legend, the builders were prevented from raising it higher by the devil, who threw down their stones each night after the correct height had been reached.

St. Mewan Church, St. Mewan

A tree, but a very nice tree against the blue of the sky.

Green tree leaves against a blue sky

Bluebells enjoying the view across the fields from an old Cornish wall

Bluebells on Cornish wall

And finally for today a farm in the distance.

Farm in Cornwall

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  1. I enjoyed seeing all the wild flowers and yes, I've read the same story regarding monkeys not being able to climb those trees.

    1. Thanks David, the hedgerows are quite pleasant at the moment. As for the monkey tree tale - to think I believed that my mother had made up the story!



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