Monday 27 April 2020

Flowers, Animals and Pebbles in Cornwall

My previous post about the Hall Walk, Fowey was quite lengthy, so something a little lighter today - flowers and animals. The photos above and below were snapped on our normal morning walk.

The rest of the flower photos are from our garden.

It seems to have been an exceptional year for primroses, an abundance in our garden and in the hedgerows. They always remind me of my mother, they were one of her favourite flowers.

The azaleas have also done well this year.

I can't remember the name of the next plants but they will soon be an array of yellow flowers, often seen in rockeries.

Below is ceanothus a new addition to the garden.

On our walk we saw this cat guarding his patch of fading bluebells.

The cockerel seemed very busy but not a flower in sight.

A good supply of hay and a shiny new haircut for the horse.

Ah yes, I mentioned the NHS Pebbles, in praise of UK's National Health heroes, on a previous post. As you can see I have now found several of the pebbles when walking. I always leave them in place after taking a quick photo.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay safe.


  1. Lovely flowers Mike to brighten up our day. You have a broad range in your garden, ours are slowly opening but we need better weather to encourage them. Unfortunately we also need rain, I'm beginning t to sound like a farmer now! Very enjoyable post.

  2. Thanks David. Dull today and a light rain is falling, so the garden should be happy! Life is pretty much routine. My son does our shopping for us once a week, so look forward to chatting with him tonight - at a safe distance of course.
    Anyway, hope you have a good week.

  3. Oh Mike, we always cherished the primroses in the lanes around the Lizard and Carne Creek at Easter. I can hardly believe that due to my government-shielding, a whole year will pass without me seeing bluebells. We usually enjoy these in the woods at Sutton Hoo. I didn't know about the NHS pebbles... something new! Our ceanothus is about to burst into flower, and I hope it will attract a good variety of bees.

    1. Hello Caroline, thank you for taking the time to write a comment. Difficult times at the moment, because of the coronavirus, but seeing the flowers always gives me a lift - though I miss walking along a beach. The ceanothus is new too us but is now full of flowers, though a little droopy because of the rain.
      Best wishes.



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